News from the Standards Industry

A collaboration among three voluntary standards organizations could benefit interoperability, accelerated by manufacturers’ pursuit of the Industrial Internet of Things.
Heavy goods vehicles are disproportionately involved in collisions involving pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists in London.
The specification provides a baseline acceptance standard using any of three manufacturing processes: dry cast, wet cast and hydraulically pressed.
Communication between equipment and systems for the electric grid is an essential element of power utility automation, and central to the introduction of smart grids.
The standard will enhance situational awareness and enable air-to-air communications for manned, unmanned, civil and commercial aircraft.
ASTM is developing a standard for measuring properties of crumb rubber infill that could be ingested by players on artificial turfs.
The strength and stiffness of aramid paper is critical in the design, manufacture and end use of a variety of products, particularly in the aerospace and locomotive industries.
The update replaces the existing standard that had been in place since 2010.
PV manufacturers will use the new standard to increase the level of confidence investors, utilities and consumers have in solar panel safety and reliability.
Transportation Department plans a 10-year investment to accelerate the development and adoption of safe vehicle automation.
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