Standard: IEC 60044-8


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This part of IEC 60044 applies to newly manufactured electronic current transformers having an analogue voltage output or a digital output, for use with electrical measuring instruments and electrical protective devices at nominal frequencies from 15 Hz to 100 Hz.

NOTE Additional requirements due to the bandwidth are considered. The accuracy requirements on harmonics are given in annex D.

Clause 12 covers the accuracy requirements that are necessary for electronic current transformers for use with electrical measuring instruments.

Clause 13 covers the accuracy requirements that are necessary for electronic current transformers for use with electrical protective relays, and particularly for forms of protection in which the prime requirement is to maintain the accuracy up to several times the rated current. If required, the transient accuracy of an electronic current transformer during fault is also given in this clause.

Electronic current transformers intended for both measurement and protection should comply with all the clauses of this standard and are called multipurpose electronic current transformers.

The transformer technology can be based on optical arrangements equipped with electrical components, on air-core coils (with or without a built-in integrator), or on iron-core coils with integrated shunt used as a current-to-voltage converter, alone or equipped with electronic components.

For analogue output, the electronic current transformer may include the secondary signal cable. Examples of electronic current transformer technologies using air-core coils and iron-core coils with integrated shunt are given in annex C.

For digital output, this standard takes into account a point-to-point connection from the electronic transformer to electrical measuring instruments and electrical devices (see annex B).

Some information has been added in order to ensure the compatibility of this point-to-point link with the overall system of communication in the substation, thus allowing data exchange between all kinds of substation devices. This information builds what is called the mapping of the link layer of the point-to-point serial link. Processbus communication is under consideration.

This mapping allows interoperability between devices from different manufacturers.

This standard does not specify individual implementations or products, nor does it constrain the implementation of entities and interfaces within a computer system. This standard specifies the externally visible functionality of implementations together with conformance requirements for such functionalities.

NOTE 1 Translation of the analogue requirements on CT and VT into digital parameters, such as the number of bits and the sampling speed, has been carried out as far as was reasonable, since the requirements on the conventional CT and VT are expressed according to the actual technologies used and their shortcomings, rather than on needs from the equipment using the information on current and voltage.

NOTE 2 The approach chosen is to concentrate on what is needed by the secondary equipment and how the performance can be calibrated. The concept is compatible with a processbus.

Organization: International Electrotechnical Commission
Document Number: iec 60044-8
Publish Date: 2002-07-01
Page Count: 130
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: NO
Status: Inactive