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IEEE standards establish an authoritative common language that defines quality and sets technical criteria. By guaranteeing consistency and conformity through open consensus, IEEE standards add value to products, facilitate trade, drive markets, and ensure safety. That’s why leading companies, organizations, and industries around the globe rely on them.

Critical components of this common language are the terms and definitions that are at the foundation of the vast body of IEEE standards. In the past decade alone, hundreds of terms — describing the latest tools, techniques, and best practices — have been added to the lexicon of IEEE standards.

In this newly updated Authoritative Dictionary of IEEE Standards Terms, professional experts and students alike will gain an in-depth understanding and appreciation for the breadth of coverage of IEEE standards terms and definitions not found in any other single source.

The seventh edition of IEEE 100 has been revised to include nearly 35 000 technical terms and definitions from over 800 standards — covering areas such as power and energy, communications, information technology, and transportation systems. In addition to an extensive list of widely used acronyms and abbreviations, this new edition also contains detailed abstracts of each term’s associated standard(s). What’s more, all definitions are augmented by a combination of indispensable information, including:

• Preferred and popular usage of each term

• Variations in meanings among different technical specialties

• Cross-indexing to related works

• Key explanatory notes for further term clarification

In preparing this latest edition of the Dictionary, we realized that the standards community desired more than just a compilation of IEEE standardized terms and definitions. They needed an authoritative resource created by the organization that develops and produces the standards from which the terms and definitions are derived — the IEEE. In addition, we determined the Dictionary needed to be not only user friendly, but also rich in information. In other words, it needed to be the Authoritative Dictionary of IEEE Standards Terms.

Organization: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
Document Number: ieee 100
Publish Date: 2000-12-01
Page Count: 1362
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: NO
Status: Inactive

Document History

Document # Change Type Update Date Revision Status
IEEE 100 Change Type: Update Date: 1996-12-10 Revision: 96 Status: INAC
IEEE 100 Change Type: CRPG Update Date: 1992-01-01 Revision: 92 Status: INAC
IEEE 100 Change Type: Update Date: 1988-11-03 Revision: 88 Status: INAC
IEEE 100 Change Type: Update Date: 1984-08-10 Revision: 84 Status: INAC
IEEE 100 Change Type: Revision: 77 Status: INAC
IEEE 100 Change Type: Revision: 72 Status: INAC
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This Standard References

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ANSI 51.1
ANSI C104.2
ANSI C31.4
ANSI C57.12.75
ANSI C57.14
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