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(This introduction is not part of IEEE Std 1125-1993, IEEE Guide for Moisture Measurement and Control in SF6 Gas-Insulated Equipment.)

The objectives of this guide are to introduce the importance of moisture in the design, manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance of transmission class gas-insulated equipment and to provide guidance for measurements of moisture in gas-insulated equipment.

This guide was prepared by working group 5-12 of the Insulations Subcommittee of the Insulated Conductors Committee, consisting of the following members:

S. J. Dale, Chair

F. Y. Chu, Chair, Moisture Task Force

P. Bolin

J. Dodds

R. Jackson

R. Matulic

The following persons were on the balloting committee:

T. J. Al-Hussaini

P. Alex

R. W. Allen, Jr.

W. O. Andersen, Jr.

R. H. Arndt

T. P. Arnold

T. A. Balaska

Anthony Barlow

C. W. Blades

Vincent J. Boliver

R. R. Borowski

Ken. E. Bow

John E. Bramfitt

M. D. Buckweitz

R. R. Burghardt

John I. Carlson

Paul L. Cinquemani

Wayne E. Cole

E. J. D’Aquanno

S. J. Dale

J. M. Daly

James C. Dedman

Joseph A. Di Costanzo

C. Doench

J. P. DuPont

G. S. Eager, Jr.

R. M. Eichhorn

Hussein El Badaly

J. S. Engelhardt

S. L. Fitzhugh

A. Fitzpatrick

E. O. Forster

R. W. Foster

Ronald F. Frank

R. D. Fulcomer

J. B. Gardner

P. Gazzana-Priaroggia

R. B. Gear

S. M. Gilbert

A. Godoshian

Stan V. Harper

R. Hartlein

H. C. Hervig, Jr.

S. V. Heyer

R. W. Higginbottom

Lauri J. Hiivala

C. V. Johnson

J. Jurcisin

F. E. Kimsey

Joel Kitchens

H. T. Knox

Frederick B. Koch

Donald E. Koonce

M. Kopchik, Jr.

S. Kozak

F. E. La Fetra

F. E. La Gase

Carl Landinger

J. S. Lasky

Jack H. Lawson

Raoul H. Leuteritz

T. H. Ling

John V. Lipe

G. Ludasi

R. Luther

G. J. Luzzi

Jeffrey P. Mackevich

M. A. Martin, Jr.

I. J. Marwick

S. G. Mastoras

F. M. McAvoy

A. R. McCulloch

E. J. McGowan

A. L. McKean

W. J. McNulty

J. D. Medek

John E. Merando, Jr.

David J. Mintz

J. A. Moran, Jr.

D. J. Nichols

J. J. Pachot

Cutter D. Palmer

Keith A. Petty

Jan S. Pirrong

Gary A. Polhill

J. B. Prime, Jr.

Paul F. Pugh

John O. Punderson

Peter Ralston

Greg P. Rampley

Robert A. Resuali

R. B. Robertson

Ralph W. Samm

E. L. Sankey

John F. Shimshock

Bynum E. Smith

Joseph H. Snow

T. F. Stabosz

D. R. Stein

Joseph L. Steiner

George A. Straniero

Mike D. Sweat

Keith W. Switzer

John Tanaka

James W. Tarpey

Frank A. Teti

H. D. Thomas

W. A. Thue

Austin C. Tingley

William Torok

Duc B. Trinh

S. E. Turner

Jack R. Tuzinski

Donald A. Voltz

C. F. Von Hermann, Jr.

Steven P. Walldorf

E. M. Walton

Roland H. W. Watkins

A. C. Westrom

Charles A. White

W. D. Wilkens

Robert O. Wilkinson

J. A. Williams

William G. Wimmer

Clarence Woodell

J. T. Zimnoch

When the IEEE Standards Board approved this guide on December 2, 1993, it had the following membership:

Wallace S. Read, Chair

Donald C. Loughry, Vice Chair

Andrew G. Salem, Secretary

Gilles A. Baril

Jim Isaak

Don T. Michael*

José A. Berrios de la Paz

Ben C. Johnson

Marco W. Migliaro

Clyde R. Camp

Walter J. Karplus

L. John Rankine

Donald C. Fleckenstein

Lorraine C. Kevra

Arthur K. Reilly

Jay Forster*

E. G. “Al” Kiener

Ronald H. Reimer

David F. Franklin

Ivor N. Knight

Gary S. Robinson

Ramiro Garcia

Joseph L. Koepfinger*

Leonard L. Tripp

Donald N. Heirman

D. N. “Jim” Logothetis

Donald W. Zipse

*Member Emeritus

Also included are the following nonvoting IEEE Standards Board liaisons:

Satish K. Aggarwal

James Beall

Richard B. Engelman

David E. Soffrin

Stanley I. Warshaw

Stephen J. Huffman

IEEE Standards Project Editor


This document establishes guidelines for moisture level measurement, moisture data interpretation, and moisture control in gas-insulated transmission class equipment.

Organization: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
Document Number: ieee 1125
Publish Date: 1993-12-02
Page Count: 21
Change Type: REAF
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: NO
Status: Inactive

Document History

Document # Change Type Update Date Revision Status
IEEE 1125 Change Type: REAF Update Date: 1993-12-02 Revision: 93 Status: INAC
IEEE 1125 Change Type: REAF Update Date: 1993-01-01 Revision: 93 Status: INAC

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