Driver Adaptation to Information and Assistance Systems
December 19, 2013 - IET

The book comprises 17 chapters and discusses the following topics: driver adaptation; information and assistance systems, ADAPTATION Project; behavioural adaptation; ADAS; driver information processing and situation awareness; adaptive cruise control; intelligent driver support...

DS/ISO 17458-5 - Road vehicles - FlexRay communications system - Part 5: Electrical physical layer conformance test specification
February 28, 2013 - DS

The FlexRay communications system is an automotive focused high speed network. Some of the basic characteristics of the FlexRay protocol are synchronous and asynchronous frame transfer, guaranteed frame latency and jitter during synchronous transfer, prioritization of frames during asynchronous...

NSC 813450000 - Family Guide to Teen Driver Safety

Traffic collisions take more teen lives than drugs, alcohol or any other cause. The second edition Teen Driver: A Family Guide to Teen Driver Safety helps parents understand the risks young drivers face and assists them in managing the journey their teens will travel from...

SAE AMS4932 - Titanium Alloy Sheet 6Al - 4V Driver Sheet
December 1, 2019 - SAE

Form This specification covers a titanium alloy in the form of sheet. Application This material has been used typically for driver sheet used as a consumable manufacturing aid in superplastic forming of titanium alloy sheet or plate components at 1600 to 1700 °F (871 to 927 °C), but usage is...

ISO 23481 - Tools for pressing - Cam driver plates
December 1, 2013 - ISO

The International Standard specifies the main dimensions and tolerances of plates to be used for cam drivers and slides in tools for pressing (an application)

Vehicle Feedback and Driver Situation Awareness
April 17, 2018 - CRC

A potentially troubling aspect of modern vehicle design - some would argue - is a trend towards isolating the driver and reducing vehicle feedback, usually in the name of comfort and refinement but increasingly because of automation. There can be little doubt cars have become more civilised...

ISO 18878 - Mobile elevating work platforms - Operator (driver) training
August 1, 2013 - ISO

This International Standard provides methods for preparing training materials and administering standardized training to operators (drivers) of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). It is applicable to MEWPs, as defined in ISO 16368, intended to move persons, tools and materials to...

Driver Distraction and Inattention
February 5, 2013 - SAE
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DIN ISO 23481 - Tools for pressing - Cam driver plates (ISO 23481:2013)
November 1, 2014 - DIN

This International Standard specifies the main dimensions and tolerances of plates to be used for cam drivers and slides in tools for pressing. It also specifies the designation of cam driver plates.

NR/L3/SCO/313/SP-1.06 - On-Track Machines (OTMs) Driver and Operations Standards Manual: Initial OTM Driver Training
September 7, 2019 - NR

This procedure applies to those involved in OTM driver training and the management of OTM driver training. This includes; a) OTM driver; b) OTM driver Trainers/Assessors c) Recruitment manager; d) Driving and Operational Standards Expert e) Driving and Operational Rules...