ISO 2007 - Rubber, unvulcanized - Determination of plasticity - Rapidplastimeter method
July 1, 2018 - ISO

This document specifies a method for the rapid determination of the plasticity of raw rubber and unvulcanized compounded rubber. It is applicable to the determination of the plasticity retention index (PRI) as specified in ISO 2930.

SMPTE RP 2007 - Closed-Caption CDP and "Grand Alliance" Serial Interfaces for DTV
July 27, 2007 - SMPTE
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AGMA 2007 - Gears -- Surface Temper Etch Inspection After Grinding
March 2, 2000 - AGMA

Explains the materials and procedures to determine and evaluate localized overheating on ground surfaces. Includes a system to describe and classify the indications produced during this inspection. However, does not provide specific acceptance or rejection criteria.

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ISO 20076 - Road vehicles — Test methods and performance requirements for voltage class B connectors
November 1, 2019 - ISO

This document defines terms and specifies test methods for general performance requirements of voltage class B connectors with single-pole and multi-pole connections used with electrical wiring harnesses of road vehicles. This document applies to connectors for voltage class B electric circuits of...

ISO 20074 - Petroleum and natural gas industry — Pipeline transportation systems — Geological hazard risk management for onshore pipeline
July 1, 2019 - ISO

This document specifies requirements and gives recommendations on the management of geohazard risks during the pipeline design, construction and operational periods. This document is applicable to all operators and pipelines (existing and proposed/under construction). This document applies to...

ISO 20078-3 - Road vehicles — Extended vehicle (ExVe) web services — Part 3: Security
May 1, 2019 - ISO

This document defines how to authenticate users and Accessing Parties on a web services interface. It also defines how a Resource Owner can delegate Access to its Resources to an Accessing Party. Within this context, this document also defines the necessary roles and required separation of duties...