SFSA D - Impact Properties of Cast Steel Sections with Surface Discontinuities
January 1, 1967 - SFSA
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DODD 4500.56 - DoD Policy on the Use of Government Aircraft and Air Travel
April 3, 2019 - DOD

This Directive: a. Reissues DoD Directive (DoDD) 4500.56 (Reference (a)). b. Implements Office of Management and Budget Circular No. A-126, Public Law 104-106, and the White House Memorandum, "Use of Government Aircraft for Official Business" (References (b), (c), and (d)). c. Establishes...

ISO DIS 23368 - Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment — Low flow nasal cannulae for oxygen therapy
May 23, 2019 - ISO

This device-specific standard specifies requirements for low flow nasal cannulae, used in both home care 5 and hospital environments for the administration of oxygen therapy. This document does not include requirements to prevent the proliferation of fire within the tubing but does specify a...

DS/IEC/IEEE 80005-1 - Utility connections in port – Part 1: High voltage shore connection (HVSC) systems – General requirements
March 25, 2019 - DS

IEC/IEEE 80005-1:2019 describes high-voltage shore connection (HVSC) systems, onboard the ship and on shore, to supply the ship with electrical power from shore. This document is applicable to the design, installation and testing of HVSC systems and addresses: - HV shore distribution systems, -...

DS/EN 50117-9-3 - Coaxial cables – Part 9-3: Sectional specification for coaxial cables for analogue and digital signal transmission – Indoor drop cables for systems operating at 5 MHz – 6 000 MHz
April 1, 2019 - DS

This part of EN 50117 which is a sectional specification applies to coaxial indoor drop cables for analogue and digital one and two way signal transmission, e.g. for cable networks for television signals, sound signals and interactive services in accordance with EN 60728-1, EN 60728-1-1, EN...

DS/ISO 24678-1 - Fire safety engineering – Requirements governing algebraic formulae – Part 1: General requirements
March 25, 2019 - DS

This document provides requirements to govern the application of explicit algebraic formulae sets to the calculation of fire phenomena. This document is an implementation of the general requirements provided in ISO 16730‑1 for the case of fire dynamics calculations involving sets of explicit...

DODD 1320.14 - Commissioned Officer Promotion Program Procedures
March 13, 2019 - DOD

In accordance with the authority in DoD Directive 5124.02 (Reference (a)), this instruction: a. Reissues DoD Instruction (DoDI) 1320.14 (Reference (b)) to establish policy, assign responsibilities, and prescribe procedures for administering the commissioned officer promotion program in the...

ISO DIS 20417 - Medical devices — Information to be provided by the manufacturer
March 19, 2019 - ISO

This document specifies the requirements for information supplied by the manufacturer for a medical device or accessory, as defined in 3.1. This document includes the generally applicable requirements for identification, marking and documentation of a medical device or accessory. This document does...

DS/EN ISO 22117 - Microbiology of the food chain – Specific requirements and guidance for proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparison (ISO 22117:2019)
March 25, 2019 - DS

This document specifies requirements and gives guidelines for the organization of proficiency testing (PT) schemes for microbiological examinations of a) foods and beverages, b) feeding animals, c) environmental samples from food and feed production and handling, and d) primary production...