Learn SQL Database Programming
May 29, 2020 - PACKT

Learn everything you need to know to build efficient SQL queries using this easy-to-follow beginner's guide Key Features * Explore all SQL statements in depth using a variety of examples * Get to grips with database querying, data aggregate, manipulation, and much more * Understand how to...

August 12, 2020 - NPFC
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Learn MongoDB 4.x
September 11, 2020 - PACKT

Design, administer, and deploy high-volume and fault-tolerant database applications using MongoDB 4.x Key Features * Build a powerful and scalable MongoDB database using real industry data * Understand the process of designing NoSQL schema with the latest release of MongoDB 4.x *...

SQL Server 2019 Administrator's Guide
September 11, 2020 - PACKT

Use Microsoft SQL Server 2019 to implement, administer, and secure a robust database solution that is disaster-proof and highly available Key Features * Explore new features of SQL Server 2019 to set up, administer, and maintain your database solution successfully * Develop a dynamic...

Database Modeling Step by Step
January 6, 2020 - CRC

With the aim of simplifying relational database modeling, Database Modeling Step-by-Step presents the standard approach to database normalization and then adds its own approach, which is a more simplistic, intuitive way to building relational database models. Going from...

IEEE P802.1CS DRAFT - Draft Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks — Link-local Registration Protocol
August 9, 2020 - IEEE

This standard specifies protocols, procedures, and managed objects for a Link-local Registration Protocol (LRP) to replicate a registration database from one end to the other of a point-to-point link and to replicate changes to parts of that database. A facility is provided to purge...

Automated Data Analysis Using Excel
August 19, 2020 - CRC

This new edition covers some of the key topics relating to the latest version of MS Office through Excel 2019, including the creation of custom ribbons by injecting XML code into Excel Workbooks and how to link Excel VBA macros to customize ribbon objects. It now also provides examples in using...

DS/ISO/IEC TR 19075-9 - Information technology database languages – Guidance for the use of database language SQL – Part 9: Online analytic processing (OLAP) capabilities
September 21, 2020 - DS

This document discusses the syntax and semantics for including online analytic processing (OLAP) capabilities in SQL, as defined in ISO/IEC 9075-2. It discusses the following features regarding OLAP capabilities of the SQL language: - Feature T611, "Elementary OLAP operations", - Feature T612,...

Workflow Automation with Microsoft Power Automate
September 18, 2020 - PACKT

Enhance your organization's productivity by automating repetitive tasks and simplifying business workflows using Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) Key Features * Create basic and advanced workflows for automating Twitter posts, sending emails, push notifications, and much more *...