ITU-R BS.1196 - Audio coding for digital broadcasting
January 1, 2019 - ITU-R

This Recommendation specifies audio source coding systems applicable for digital sound and television broadcasting. It further specifies a system applicable for the backward compatible multichannel enhancement of digital sound and television broadcasting...

ITU-R BS.1548 - User requirements for audio coding systems for digital broadcasting
January 1, 2019 - ITU-R

This Recommendation specifies the requirements relevant to the use of audio source coding systems in sound broadcasting, including television. The Recommendation covers the application of contribution and distribution, and emission.

Audio and Speech Processing with MATLAB
December 7, 2018 - CRC

Speech and audio processing has undergone a revolution in preceding decades that has accelerated in the last few years generating game-changing technologies such as truly successful speech recognition systems; a goal that had remained out of reach until very recently. This book gives...

IEC 61937-5 - Digital audio – Interface for non-linear PCM encoded audio bitstreams applying IEC 60958 – Part 5: Non-linear PCM bitstreams according to the DTS (Digital Theater Systems) format(s)
January 1, 2019 - IEC

This part of IEC 61937 describes audio bitstreams encoded according to the Digital Theater Systems (DTS) format data-types I, II, III, and IV.

JIS QUALITY CONTROL HDBK - JIS Quality Control Handbook
January 1, 2017 - JSA
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CEI EN IEC 60268-4 - Sound system equipment Part 4: Microphones
February 1, 2019 - CEI

This part of IEC 60268 specifies methods of measurement for the electrical impedance, sensitivity, directional response pattern, dynamic range and external influences of sound system microphones, and also details the characteristics to be specified by the manufacturer. It applies to sound...

DS/EN IEC 60268-21 - Sound system equipment – Part 21: Acoustical (output-based) measurements
January 4, 2019 - DS

IEC 60268-21:2018 specifies an acoustical measurement method that applies to electro-acoustical transducers and passive and active sound systems, such as loudspeakers, TV-sets, multi-media devices, personal portable audio devices, automotive sound systems and professional...

ITU-R BT.2123 - Video parameter values for advanced immersive audio-visual systems for production and international programme exchange in broadcasting
January 1, 2019 - ITU-R

Advanced immersive audio-visual (AIAV) systems will provide viewers with immersive experiences with an unprecedented degree of presence by enabling a wide field of view of their desired direction. In order to produce high-quality comfortable images, AIAV systems require...

ISO TS 15311-1 - Graphic technology - Print quality requirements for printed matter - Part 1: Measurement methods and reporting schema
February 1, 2019 - ISO

This document defines print quality metrics, measurement methods and reporting requirements for printed sheets that are suitable for all classes of printed products. Guidance as to which of these metrics to apply to any given product category along with acceptable conformance criteria is...