Professional SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery
January 31, 2019 - PACKT

Leverage powerful features of the SQL Server and watch your infrastructure transform into a high-performing, reliable network of systems. Key Features * Explore more than 20 real-world use cases to understand SQL Server features * Get to grips with the SQL Server Always On technology * Learn how to...

Resilient Post Disaster Recovery through Building Back Better
November 15, 2018 - CRC

"Building Back Better" (BBB) has been a popular slogan in disaster recovery efforts around the world, including the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, the 2009 Samoan Tsunami, the 2010 Haiti Earthquake and the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. BBB has recently been identified as one of four...

Disaster Recovery: Community-Based Psychosocial Support in the Aftermath
May 29, 2018 - CRC

This new volume, Disaster Recovery: Community-Based Psychosocial Support in the ​Aftermath, provides a wealth of realistic and applicable information for addressing mental health related issues resulting from disasters. It will provide readers with both a theoretical and...

Active Directory Disaster Recovery
June 24, 2008 - PACKT

The book is a combined planning/response-focused book and can be read end to end but also is designed so that the second half can be read standalone, should disaster have struck already. This book is targeted at network security professionals who find themselves charged with creating an...

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Disaster Recovery Guide
September 25, 2013 - PACKT

The style and approach of the book is an easytoread SharePoint admin guide. This is not a stepbystep instruction book, but rather a guide on how to implement and execute a disaster recovery plan to your SharePoint environment.This book is great for both SharePoint and SQL...

Disaster Recovery Using VMware vSphere Replication and vCenter Site Recovery Manager
October 28, 2016 - PACKT

Learn to bake in disaster recovery readiness for your vSphere Infrastructure using vCenter SRM 6.1, leveraging array-based replication and vSphere Replication 6.1 About This Book • This is the first book on the market that provides an extensive disaster recovery solution...

ATIS 0300100 - IP Network Disaster Recovery Framework
December 1, 2009 - ATIS

This technical report provides a framework that encompass the complimentary network management actions that may be required by interconnected Network Providers of Next Generation Network (NGN) network resources in the event of a disaster condition. This implies the need to provide guidance...

Community Disaster Recovery and Resiliency: Exploring Global Opportunities and Challenges
October 12, 2010 - CRC

Once again nature's fury has taken a toll in pain, suffering, and lives lost. In recognition of the need for a rapid and appropriate response, CRC Press will donate $5 to the American Red Cross for every copy of Community Disaster Recovery and Resiliency: Exploring Global...

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ASTM E2682 - Standard Guide for Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan for Medical Transcription Departments and Businesses
April 1, 2009 - ASTM

This guide applies across multiple medical transcription settings in which healthcare documents are generated and stored: medical transcription departments, home offices, and medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs). Currently there is no standard disaster recovery plan in...