SAE J1937 - Engine Testing with Low-Temperature Charge Air-cooler Systems in a Dynamometer Test Cell
September 1, 2011 - SAE

The methods presented in this SAE Recommended Practice apply to the controlled testing of low-temperature charge, air-cooled, heavy-duty diesel engines. This document encompasses the following main sections: a. Definitions of pertinent parameters b. Vehicle testing to determine...

SAE J667 - Brake Test Code - Inertia Dynamometer
February 1, 2002 - SAE

1. Scope--The code is applicable to hydraulic, air, or electrically actuated brakes. For electric brakes, "ampere" values are substituted for "line pressure" where specified in the procedure or on data and curve sheets. 1.1 Purpose--This SAE Recommended Practice establishes a uniform laboratory...

SAE J3080 - Inertia Dynamometer Rotor Crack Test Procedure for Air Disc Brakes
May 1, 2019 - SAE

This Recommended Practice applies to commercial vehicles equipped with air disc brakes and above 4536 kg of Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Other assessments on the friction material or rotor related to wear, durability, correlation to product life, noise, judder, compliance to specific regulations,...

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JASO C443 - Road vehicles - Service brake - Dynamometer-simulated mountain fade test procedure
January 1, 2009 - JSAE

This standard specifies the simulated mountain fade dynamometer test procedure for normally operating service brakes of automobiles excluding trailers and motorcycles.

SAE J2521 - (R) Disc and Drum Brake Dynamometer Squeal Noise Test Procedure
April 1, 2013 - SAE

The SAE J2521 procedure is applicable to high frequency squeal noise occurrences for on-road passenger car and light trucks below 4,540 kg of GVWR. The procedure incorporates high temperature and low temperature test matrixes, but does not fully account for the effects of the environment on...

SAE J2707 - Wear Test Procedure on Inertia Dynamometer for Brake Friction Materials
October 1, 2012 - SAE

This SAE Recommended Practice specifies a dynamometer test procedure to be used for the measurement of automotive service brake linings and disc brake pads wear. Special motor vehicles and motorcycle are excluded from the application. Trailers with nominal Gross Combination Weight...

SAE J2522 - Dynamometer Global Brake Effectiveness
September 1, 2014 - SAE

This SAE Recommended Practice defines an Inertia Dynamometer Test procedure that assesses the effectiveness behavior of a friction material with regard to pressure, temperature and speed for motor vehicles fitted with hydraulic brake actuation. The main purpose of SAE J2522 is to...

SAE J971 - Brake Power Rating Test Code—Commercial Vehicle Inertia Dynamometer
August 1, 2008 - SAE

The code provides test procedures and methods of calculating a brake rating from the data obtained for brakes used in highway commercial vehicles over 4.5 T (10 000 lbs) GVWR air and hydraulic. Some general correlation may be expected between brake ratings established by this means and those...

GMW17094 - Transmission Engine Dynamometer Durability (TEDD) Test Vendor Version
October 1, 2019 - GMW
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