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Innovative Teaching and Learning Methods in Educational Systems: Proceedings of the International Conference on Teacher Education and Professional Development (INCOTEPD 2018), October 28, 2018, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
November 25, 2019 - CRC

This proceedings volume of InCoTEPD 2018 covers many ideas for handling a wide variety of challenging issues in the field of education. The outstanding ideas dealing with these issues result in innovation of the system. There are many innovation strategies resulting from recent research that are...

CTA/IS-31 - Recommended Design Guideline Rejection of Educational FM Interference to Ch 6 Television Reception
January 1, 1987 - CTA

Background Educational and non-commercial FM stations immediately adjacent to television Ch 6 are being assigned now that the issues have been resolved between educational FM and TV broadcast interests. The rules that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted are intended to...

ASTM D7355 - Standard Guide for Artists’ Paint Waste Disposal in Smaller Commercial or Educational Settings
September 1, 2010 - ASTM

This guide establishes recommendations for the safe and environmentally friendly clean up and disposal of artists' paints and by-products of their use in a smaller commercial or educational setting. The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as standard. No other units of...

SNZ AS/NZS 4610.1 - Furniture – School and educational Part 1: Tables – Strength, durability and stability
March 20, 2020 - SNZ

This Standard specifies the dimensional requirements (size mark), general safety, strength, durability, stability and marking requirements for freestanding tables with and without additional storage features used in educational environments as places of study. Tables covered by this Standard...

CSA CEI/IEC 1258 - Guidelines for the Development and Use of Medical Electrical Equipment Educational Materials
March 1, 1998 - CSA

This document outlines a generic process for developing materials for education and training of operators of medical electrical equipment It may be used by standards organizations, manufacturers, regulatory agencies, hospital managers, clinical engineers, physician and nurses educators, and others...

SNZ AS/NZS ISO/IEC 24773 - Software engineering – Certification of software engineering professionals – Comparison framework
May 24, 2013 - SNZ

Purpose This International Standard establishes a framework for comparison of schemes for certifying software engineering professionals. A certification scheme is a set of certification requirements for software engineering professionals. This International Standard specifies the...

SNZ AS/NZS 4610.2 - Furniture – School and educational Part 2: Chairs – Strength, durability and stability
March 20, 2020 - SNZ

This Standard specifies sizing, safety, strength, durability and stability requirements for eight sizes of chairs for educational institutions. Chairs may be - (a) fixed height; (b) height adjustable; (c) with arms; (d) without arms; (e) have fixed seats; or (f) swivel seats. Chairs may have...

DSF/FPREN 13150 - Workbenches for laboratories in educational institutions – Dimensions, safety and durability requirements and test methods

This document applies to workbenches, movable science tables and workbench shelves designed for use in educational institutions and similar laboratories. It does not apply to workbenches and working tables for industrial laboratories, institutes and universities or similar research...