API RP 12N - Recommended Practice for the Operation, Maintenance and Testing of Firebox Flame Arrestors
January 1, 1994 - API

This recommended practice should be considered in the installation, maintenance and testing of firebox flame arrestors installed on the air intake of oilfield production equipment. Flame arrestors are commonly used on indirect heaters, emulsion treaters, glycol reconcentrators and...

ISO 15364 - Ships and marine technology - Pressure/vacuum valves for cargo tanks
April 15, 2016 - ISO

This International Standard is applicable to pressure-vacuum relief valves protecting marine vessel systems, including cargo tanks, which may be subject to gas/vapour pressure or vacuum beyond the design parameters of the system/tank. This International Standard specifies the minimum...

September 21, 2020 - DOD

Scope. This drawing describes the requirements for a family of electrical surge arrestors used for dc overvoltages.

BS 7244 - Specification for Flame Arresters for General Use
February 28, 1990 - BSI

Requirements, test methods for performance and recommendations for appropriate application for flame (deflagration and detonation) arresters, excluding flame arresters for welding equipment covered in BS 6158.

API REPORT PRAC 79-20 - The Propagating Buckle in Marine Pipelines
January 1, 1980 - API

SUMMARY An investigation has been carried out in order to understand the dynamics of the propagating buckle and to find a basis for designing efficient and effective arresting devices. The velocity of propagation was measured as a function of diameter to thickness ratio and pressure. Tests...

ANSI C62.61 - Gas Tube Surge Arresters on Wire Line Telephone Circuits
January 1, 1993 - NEMA

This standard applies to gas tube surge arresters to be used for the limitation of voltage surges due to lightning or power disturbances on wire line telephone facilities, as follows: 1) in accordance with Article 800 for ANSI/NFPA 70-1990 2) in the limiting of voltages on telephone cable...

IEEE C62.22.1 - Guide for the Connection of Surge Arresters to Protect Insulated, Shielded Electric Power Cable Systems
December 10, 1996 - IEEE

Foreword This guide concentrates on the connection of surge arresters for distribution system terminal pole applications in order to minimize the total impressed transient voltage that the cable system can experience during surge current discharge. It is not the intent of this...

IEEE C62.11 - Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters for AC Power Circuits (>1 kV)
May 6, 2020 - IEEE

This standard applies to metal-oxide surge arresters (MOSAs) designed to repeatedly limit the voltage surges on 48 Hz to 62 Hz power circuits (>1000 V) by passing surge discharge current and automatically limiting the flow of system power current. This standard applies to devices for...

SAE ARP1538 - (R) Arresting Hook Installation, Land-Based Aircraft
October 1, 2007 - SAE

This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) covers the recommended criteria and performance requirements for the design and installation of land-based aircraft emergency and operational arresting hooks for use on runway arresting systems. Design criteria for fully operational...

ISO 5175-1 - Gas welding equipment - Safety devices - Part 1: Devices incorporating a flame (flashback) arrestor
September 1, 2017 - ISO

This document specifies the general requirements and tests for safety devices for fuel gases and oxygen or compressed air incorporating a flame (flashback) arrestor used downstream of manifold, cylinder and/or pipeline outlet regulators, and upstream of blowpipes for welding, cutting and...