NSF INSTALLATION MANUAL - Installation Manual for Food Service Equipment
July 1, 1968 - NSF
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ULC-S628 - Standard for Fireplace Inserts
May 1, 1993 - ULC

These requirements cover prefabricated fireplace inserts for masonry fireplaces and appliances intended to be vented through the throat of a masonry fireplace. These appliances are designed for burning solid fuels such as wood and coal. This Standard covers catalytic combustors...

ANSI Z21.88/CSA 2.33 - Vented gas fireplace heaters
January 1, 2019 - CSA/AM

This Standard applies to newly produced vented gas fireplace heaters (see Clause 3, Definitions), hereinafter referred to as appliance(s), constructed entirely of new, unused parts and materials, and having input ratings up to and including 400,000 Btu/hr (117 228 W): a) for use with natural...

UL 907 - UL Standard for Safety Fireplace Accessories
March 11, 2016 - UL

These requirements apply to fireplace accessories that are intended only for field installation into or attachment to existing masonry fireplaces. Fireplace accessories include items such as heat exchangers, glass door assemblies, and the like. For the purpose of these...

July 30, 2019 - ULC

These requirements cover factory-built fireplace systems capable of utilizing solid fuels, as specified by the manufacturer, and intended for provision of supplementary heating in buildings. These fireplace systems include a fire chamber assembly, chimney sections, a roof assembly,...

UL 737 - UL Standard for Safety Fireplace Stoves
April 25, 2011 - UL

These requirements cover fireplace stoves that are freestanding assemblies having fire chambers intended to be operated open to the room or, when equipped with doors, to be operated with the doors either open or closed. Fireplace stoves covered by these requirements are intended for...

CSA P.4.1 - Testing method for measuring annual fireplace efficiency
January 1, 2015 - CSA

This Standard provides a method for measuring annual fireplace efficiency. This Standard applies to vented gas fireplaces meeting the requirements of ANSI Z21.50/CSA 2.22 and to vented gas fireplace heaters approved to ANSI Z21.88/CSA 2.33 that use natural gas or propane. This...

BS 1251 - Open-fireplace components
March 31, 2015 - BSI
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NFPA 211 - Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances
January 1, 2019 - NFPA

This standard applies to the design, installation, maintenance, and inspection of all chimneys, fireplaces, venting systems, and solid fuel-burning appliances. Purpose The primary concern of this standard is the removal of waste gases; the reduction of fire hazards associated with the...

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