API PUBL 2028 - Flame Arresters in Piping Systems
January 1, 1991 - API

1.1 Purpose The availability of commercial flame arresters listed by nationally recognized testing laboratories has frequently led to the installation of these arresters in piping systems; however, the actual conditions under which these arresters will operate may be far...

UL 525 - UL Standard for Safety Flame Arresters
May 9, 2008 - UL

These requirements cover tank vent deflagration flame arresters and in-line detonation flame arresters. The requirements for tank vent deflagration flame arresters cover arresters for use on vents of storage tanks for petroleum oil and gasoline....

ASTM F1273 - Standard Specification for Tank Vent Flame Arresters
April 1, 1991 - ASTM

This specification provides the minimum requirements for design, construction, performance, and testing of tank vent flame arresters. This specification is intended for flame arresters protecting systems containing vapors of flammable or combustible liquids where...

BS 7244 - Specification for Flame Arresters for General Use
February 28, 1990 - BSI

Requirements, test methods for performance and recommendations for appropriate application for flame (deflagration and detonation) arresters, excluding flame arresters for welding equipment covered in BS 6158.

CSA Z343 - Test Methods for In-Line and Firebox Flame Arresters
March 1, 1998 - CSA

This Standard describes test methods for use in assessing the performance of porous media element flame arresters intended for use with Class I, Group C and D flammable gases and vapours, as defined in CSA Standard C22.1 in applications such as flare stacks, firebox air intakes, and...

API RP 2210 - Flame Arresters for Vents of Tanks Storing Petroleum Products
May 1, 2000 - API

This publication covers ßame arresters on vents for above-ground steel petroleum tanks operating essentially at atmospheric pressure as deÞned in API Standard 650, Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage. SpeciÞcally excluded from the scope of this publication are all in-line ßame...

API RP 12N - Recommended Practice for the Operation, Maintenance and Testing of Firebox Flame Arrestors
January 1, 1994 - API

This recommended practice should be considered in the installation, maintenance and testing of firebox flame arrestors installed on the air intake of oilfield production equipment. Flame arrestors are commonly used on indirect heaters, emulsion treaters, glycol...

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UL 1111 - UL Standard for Safety Marine Carburetor Flame Arresters
January 1, 1988 - UL
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