UL 1777 - UL Standard for Safety Chimney Liners
October 2, 2015 - UL

These requirements cover metallic and nonmetallic chimney liners intended for field-installation into new or existing masonry chimneys that are used for the natural draft venting of Category I gas-fired, Type L vented oil-fired, and solid-fuel-fired residential-type...

BS 799-2 - Oil burning equipment - Part 2: Specification for vaporizing burners
January 31, 1992 - BSI

Requirements for oil vaporizing burners and associated equipment for boilers, heaters, furnaces, ovens and other similar static flued plant such as free standing space heating appliances for single family dwellings.

BS 5258-16 - Safety of Domestic Gas Appliances Part 16: Specification for Inset Live Fuel Effect Gas Fires (2nd and 3rd Family Gases)
September 30, 1991 - BSI

Safety requirements and associated methods of test for gas fires of heat input not exceeding 15 kW that are designed to simulate visually solid fuels and to be installed within a builder's opening and/or fireplace recess. The appliances may, additionally, be intended for...

BS 3561 - Non-Domestic Space Heaters Burning Town Gas
November 30, 1962 - BSI

Constructional and performance requirements; includes general requirements and those specific to fan-assisted air heaters radiant type overhead heaters, flued convector heaters and room-sealed heaters. Test gases and methods of test are described in...

BS 5601-3 - Code of Practice for Ventilation and Heating of Caravans Part 3: Installation of Oil Fired Heating Appliances
December 29, 1978 - BSI

Recommendations for the installation of fixed, flued heating appliances burning oil fuels in touring trailer, permanent (static) residential and permanent (static) holiday caravans.

BS 6332-2 - Thermal performance of domestic gas appliances. Part 2: Specification for thermal performance of gas fires
March 31, 1983 - BSI

Specifies thermal performance requirements and associated methods of test for open flued gas fires burning 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases.

UL 462 - UL Standard for Safety Heat Reclaimers for Gas-, Oil-, or Solid Fuel-Fired Appliances
December 13, 2010 - UL

These requirements cover heat reclaimers which are intended to recover a portion of heat from the flue gases of gas-, oil-, or solid fuel-fired appliances for the purpose of heating space or water. They are for installation on the vent or chimney connectors of the...

March 31, 1972 - API

INTRODUCTION Sulfur dioxide emissions are a major contribution to air pollution in the United States. Effective and economic control of such emissions must be based on sufficient knowledge of the behavior and manner of dispersal of SO2 within the boiler, the stack, and the...

BS 5258-13 - Safety of domestic gas appliances. Part 13: Specification for convector heaters
December 31, 1986 - BSI

Requirements and associated test methods for flued natural draught and fan-powered heaters of input rating not exceeding 25 kW and burning 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases.

BS 4876 - Specification for Performance requirements for domestic flued oil burning appliances (including test procedures)
February 29, 1984 - BSI

Specifies the performance requirements and methods of testing for flued oil burning appliances (e.g. boilers and air heaters), up to and including 44 kW capacity, used for hot water supply and for space heating purposes.