SAE J918 - Passenger Car Tire Performance Requirements and Test Procedures, Standard
May 1, 1970 - SAE

This SAE Standard provides minimum performance requirements and accompanying uniform laboratory test procedures for evaluating certain essential characteristics of new tires and newly retreaded tires intended for use on passenger cars. (The requirements published in this SAE Standard...

SAE J751 - (R) Off-Road Tire and Rim Classification - Construction Machines
April 1, 1997 - SAE

1. Scope--This SAE Recommended Practice describes the classification of off-road tires and rims for use on construction machines (see SAE J1116), defines related terminology in common use, and shows representative construction details of component parts. 1.1 Purpose--To establish a standard...

9985709 - Temporary Rubber Lubricant for Use in Tire Mounting
May 1, 2018 - GMNA

Material Description. This specification covers the overall material requirements for the lubricant used to facilitate the assembly of tires onto wheels. This material is intended to be used without any further dilution of water. The material meeting this specification can be synthetic or...

SAE J2452 - Stepwise Coastdown Methodology for Measuring Tire Rolling Resistance
July 1, 2017 - SAE

Scope This SAE Recommended Practice is applicable to pneumatic Passenger Car "P" Type, Light Truck Metric, and Light Truck High Flotation tires, or similar tires approved by bodies other than Tire & Rim Association. The methodology is applicable within normal operating ranges...

SAE J1205 - Performance Requirements for Snap-In Tubeless Tire Valves
April 1, 1997 - SAE

This SAE Standard for snap-in tubeless tire valves was developed by the qualified engineers in the tire, valve, and automotive industries. It is based upon sound engineering principles, supported by laboratory testing and field experience, to establish acceptable levels of performance...

SAE J709 - Agricultural Tractor Tire Loadings, Torque Factors, and Inflation Pressures
August 1, 2009 - SAE

This SAE Standard establishes loadings, tangential pull values, and inflation pressure relationships for tire sizes and ply ratings currently used on agricultural tractors. Primary purpose of this recommendation is for use with SAE J708 MAY59. The performance of the tractor is materially...

GME B 040 1775 - Tire mounting paste
May 13, 2005 - GME
A description is not available for this item.
GMI L/R-10B-3 - Tire Coast Down Noise
February 1, 2001 - GME
A description is not available for this item.
SAE ARP5265 - (R) Minimum Operational and Maintenance Responsibilities for Aircraft Tire Usage
June 1, 2014 - SAE

This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) sets forth criteria for the installation, inflation, inspection, and maintenance of aircraft tires as well as criteria for the maintenance of the operating environment so as to achieve the purpose stated in 1.1. (Definitions of terms related to...

SAE J1206 - Methods for Testing Snap-In Tubeless Tire Valves
April 1, 1997 - SAE

This SAE Standard contains recommended test methods for snap-in tubeless tire valves intended for, but not limited to, highway applications. A snap-in valve is a tire valve having a rigid housing adhered to a resilient body designed to retain and seal the valve in the rim hole