API RP 11V6 - Recommended Practice for Design of Continuous Flow Gas Lift Installations Using Injection Pressure Operated Valves
July 1, 1999 - API

This Recommended Practice is intended to set guidelines for continuous flow gas lift installation designs using injection pressure operated valves. The assumption is made that the designer is familiar with and has available data on the various factors that affect a design. The...

API SPEC 14A RUSSIAN - Specification for Subsurface Safety Valve Equipment
November 1, 2000 - API

This International Standard provides the minimum acceptable requirements for subsurface safety valves (SSSVs). It covers subsurface safety valves including all components that establish tolerances and/or clearances which may affect performance or interchangeability of the SSSVs. It...

API STD 598 RUSSIAN - Valve Inspection and Testing
October 1, 2016 - API
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GME 06100 - Valve Springs
June 1, 2012 - GME

This specification is applicable to all valve springs, ready for installation, which are manufactured from alloy spring steel. Mission / Theme. Not applicable. Classification. Not applicable. Note: Nothing in the specification, however, supersedes applicable laws and regulations unless a...

API RP 591 RUSSIAN - Process Valve Qualification Procedure
December 1, 2008 - API
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API STD 622 - Type Testing of Process Valve Packing for Fugitive Emissions
October 1, 2018 - API

This standard specifies the requirements for comparative testing of valve stem packing for process applications where fugitive emissions are a consideration. Packing(s) shall be suitable for use at service temperatures -29 °C to 538 °C (-20 °F to 1000 °F). Factors affecting fugitive...

API STD 598 KAZAKH - Valve Inspection and Testing
May 1, 2004 - API
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API RP 591 KAZAKH - Process Valve Qualification Procedure
September 1, 2003 - API
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API RP 17V - Recommended Practice for Analysis, Design, Installation, and Testing of Safety Systems for Subsea Applications
February 1, 2015 - API

General This recommended practice (RP) presents recommendations for designing, installing, and testing a process safety system for subsea applications. The basic concepts of subsea safety systems are discussed and protection methods and requirements of the system are outlined. For the purposes of...

API REPORT OSAPR 5 - Study of Pressure Drop and Closure Forces in Velocity-Type Subsurface Safety Valves
July 1, 1977 - API

1. INTRODUCTION Subsurface safety valves (SSSVs) are required by law in most offshore producing wells. The purpose of the valves is to shut off well flow in the production tubing below the mudline in the event disasters, such as explosions or fires, disable surface shutdown devices....