IPC-1602 - Standard for Printed Board Handling and Storage
April 1, 2020 - IPC

This standard provides requirements and recommendations for proper handling, packaging materials and methods, environmental conditions, and storage for printed boards. The requirements and recommendations are intended to protect printed boards from contamination, physical damage, solderability...

IPC-6012 CHINESE - Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards
March 1, 2020 - IPC
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IPC-1791 - Trusted Electronic Designer, Fabricator and Assembler Requirements
January 1, 2020 - IPC

This standard provides minimum requirements, policies and procedures for printed board design, fabrication and assembly organizations and/or companies to become trusted sources for markets requiring high levels of confidence in the integrity of delivered products. These trusted sources shall ensure...

IPC/WHMA-A-620 - Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies
January 1, 2020 - IPC

This standard prescribes practices and requirements for the manufacture of cable, wire and harness assemblies. This standard does not provide criteria for cross-section or X-ray evaluation. If a conflict occurs between the English and translated versions of this document, the English version...

IPC-2591 - Connected Factory Exchange (CFX)
January 1, 2020 - IPC

This standard establishes the requirements for the omnidirectional exchange of information between manufacturing processes and associated host systems for assembly manufacturing. This standard applies to communication between all executable processes in the manufacture of printed board assemblies -...

IPC-2223 - Sectional Design Standard for Flexible/Rigid-Flexible Printed Boards
January 1, 2020 - IPC

This standard establishes the specific requirements for the design of flexible and rigid-flexible printed board applications and its forms of component mounting and interconnecting structures. The flexible materials used in the structures are comprised of insulating films, reinforced and/or...

IPC-8921 - Requirements for Woven and Knitted Electronic Textiles (E-Textiles) Integrated with Conductive Fibers, Conductive Yarns and/or Wires
October 1, 2019 - IPC

This standard establishes the classification system as well as qualification and quality conformance requirements affecting electrical/electronic performance of woven and knitted electronic textiles (e-textiles) integrated with conductive fibers, conductive yarns and/or wires. This standard...

IPC-WP-021 - Considerations of New Classes of Coatings for IPC-CC-830 Revision C
September 1, 2019 - IPC

Abstract For many years, conformal coatings used for high performance applications have been qualified to either the military standard for conformal coatings, MIL-I-46058, or the commercial equivalent, IPC-CC-830, which was almost identical to the military specification. Unfortunately, the...