DS/EN 636 - Plywood - Specifications
November 7, 2012 - DS

This European Standard specifies the requirements for plywood, as defined in EN 313-2, for both general purpose use (non-structural application) and structural application in dry, humid or exterior conditions. It also gives a classification system based on the bending properties. NOTE 1 This...

CSA O153 - Poplar plywood
January 1, 2019 - CSA

This Standard applies to exterior bond, all-veneer plywood that has a minimum of three plies and whose outermost plies have parallel grain direction. This Standard specifies requirements for a) a quality system; b) materials; c) panel construction; d) bonding; e) veneer and panel grades; f)...

HPVA HPU KIT - Hardwood Plywood User's Kit

Everyone working with hardwood plywood should own one! Kit includes a copy of the Where to Buy, full-size ANSI Standard, Hardwood Plywood Handbook, Self-Study Test Booklet, Tech Brief, 10 each of the 4 Ply-Tips, and the plywood video.

APA F100 - Book: The Plywood Age
January 1, 2005 - APA

The Plywood Age was first published in 1955 to commemorate the first 50 years of the industry. This 100th Anniversary Commemorative Edition was released in 2005. The book chronicles the historical development of plywood as the original engineered wood product

BS 1088 & 4079 - Plywood for Marine Craft
November 30, 1966 - BSI

Comprising BS 1088: Marine plywood manufactured from selected untreated tropical hardwoods. Species of timber, quality of veneers, jointing, lay-up of plies, bonding, defects and marking; gives illustrations of the various bond qualities of plywood. BS 4079: Plywood made for...

APA Z820 - Plywood in Hostile Environments
January 1, 2008 - APA

Plywood in Hostile Environments, Physical Properties and Applications, Research Report 132. Information provides guidance for engineers and designers with attention to questions on the physical properties of plywood and their application in extreme conditions. Initial research written...

ISO 1954 - Plywood - Tolerances on dimensions
November 1, 2013 - ISO

This International Standard specifies dimensional tolerances of plywood panels (length, width, thickness) and tolerances for edge straightness and squareness.

CSA O115 - Hardwood and Decorative Plywood
January 1, 1982 - CSA

This Standard covers decorative and industrial plywood made primarily with hardwood veneer faces. It also includes decorative plywood made with certain softwood veneer faces. This Standard provides minimum requirements in terms of construction, sizes, grades, sanding, and glue bond....

HPVA HPH - Hardwood Plywood Handbook

This four-color companion publication to the HP-1 Standard provides a visual introduction to hardwood plywood. Covers the components and construction of panels with more than 100 photographs demonstrating the range of appearances between and within grades and sample characteristics of...

APA J805 - Field Repairs of Plywood
September 1, 1999 - APA

Methods for field restoration of plywood to near its original condition and appearance