CSA O151 - Canadian Softwood Plywood
January 1, 2017 - CSA

This Standard applies to exterior bond, all-veneer plywood that has a minimum of three plies and whose outermost plies have parallel grain direction. This Standard specifies requirements for a) a quality system; b) ply species; c) materials; d) panel construction; e) bonding; f) veneer and...

ISO 2426-1 - Plywood — Classification by surface appearance — Part 1: General
April 1, 2020 - ISO

This document establishes general rules for the classification of plywood by its surface appearance. It concerns plywood made of hardwood including tropical and temperate hardwood, softwood and plywood derived from other lignocellulosic materials. It does not apply to overlaid...

BS EN 314-2 - Plywood - Bonding Quality - Part 2: Requirements
April 15, 1993 - BSI

Specifies requirements for bonding classes of veneer plywood according to their end uses.

BS 6566-2 - Plywood Part 2: Glossary of Terms
February 28, 1985 - BSI

Provides a glossary to cover the requirements for plywood for general use.

BS 6566-5 - Plywood - Part 5: Specification for moisture content
February 28, 1985 - BSI

Specifies requirements and gives a method for determining the moisture content of plywood panels.

BS 1455 - Specification for Plywood Manufactured from Tropical Hardwoods
August 29, 1972 - BSI

Grading, assembly of veneers of tropical hardwood, tests for bond quality. Defines grades and qualities of the plywood.

BS 4512 - Methods of Test for Clear Plywood
October 24, 1969 - BSI

Procedures for measuring the mechanical properties of plywood. Static bending, compression, tension, panel shear, modulus of rigidity, rolling shear, panel impact, moisture content and density.

ISO 2426-2 - Plywood — Classification by surface appearance — Part 2: Hardwood
April 1, 2020 - ISO

This document specifies the nature and limits of characteristics inherent in wood and manufacturing defects enabling the visual assessment of the plywood for allocation to an appearance class. This document applies to plywood, the surface veneers of which are made from hardwood...

BS EN 315 - Plywood - Tolerances for Dimensions
September 15, 2000 - BSI
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DIN 68705-3 - Plywood; building-veneer plywood
December 1, 1981 - DIN
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