ATIS 0600401.03 - Network-to-Customer Installation Interfaces – Analog Voicegrade Switched Access Lines with Calling Number Delivery, Calling Name Delivery, or Visual Message-Waiting Indicator Features
June 1, 1998 - ATIS

This standard provides the signaling and data transmission requirements associated with the following supplemental features that utilize network-originated on-hook data transmission on analog voicegrade switched access lines that use loop-start signaling: - Calling Number Delivery...

ATIS 0600401 - Network to Customer Installation Interfaces – Analog Voicegrade Switched Access Lines Using Loop-Start and Ground-Start Signaling
July 1, 2006 - ATIS

This standard provides the signaling requirements associated with analog voicegrade switched access lines that use loop-start and ground-start signaling. In this standard, the public switched network is referred to as the Network and the customer premises cabling and...

CSA ISO/IEC 13868 - Information Technology - Telecommunications and Information Exchange between Systems - Private Integrated Services Network - Inter-Exchange Signalling Protocol - Name Identification Supplementary Services
January 1, 2004 - CSA

This International Standard specifies the signalling protocol for the support of name identification supplementary services at the Q reference point between Private Integrated services Network eXchanges (PINXs) connected together within a Private Integrated Services Network...

IETF RFC 7537 - IANA Registries for LSP Ping Code Points
May 1, 2015 - IETF

RFCs 4379 and 6424 created name spaces for Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Label Switched Path (LSP) Ping. However, those RFCs did not create the corresponding IANA registries for Downstream Mapping object Flags (DS Flags), Multipath Types, Pad TLVs, and Interface and...

CEI EN 62626-1 - Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear enclosed equipment Part 1: Enclosed switch-disconnectors outside the scope of IEC 60947-3 to provide isolation during repair and maintenance work
January 1, 2015 - CEI

This part of IEC 62626 applies to enclosed switches-disconnectors with rated voltages up to 1 000 V a.c. for repair and maintenance work or cleaning work in load circuits. Devices within the scope of this standard are derived from switch-disconnectors according to IEC 60947-3....

ATIS 0600401.04 - Network to Customer Installation Interfaces – Analog Voicegrade Switched Access Lines with the Call Waiting, Distinctive Call Waiting, or Calling Identity Delivery on Call Waiting Feature
January 1, 2000 - ATIS

This standard provides the requirements associated with three different types of call waiting supplemental features that may be used on analog voicegrade switched access lines with loop-start signaling. The three features are called: - Call Waiting (CW); - Distinctive Call Waiting (DCW); -...

PIP ELSMC14D - Low-Voltage Switch Rack Data Sheet
June 1, 2013 - PIP

PURPOSE AND USE OF PROCESS INDUSTRY PRACTICES In an effort to minimize the cost of process industry facilities, this Practice has been prepared from the technical requirements in the existing standards of major industrial users, contractors, or standards organizations. By harmonizing these...

DS/EN 13232-1 - Railway applications - Track - Switches and crossings - Part 1: Definitions
August 29, 2003 - DS

This standard provides an accepted "terminology" for switch and crossing work. With the assistance of diagrams, the various components are given definitions, and these specific names are regarded as obligatory.

DS/EN 61968-11 - Application integration at electric utilities - System interfaces for distribution management - Part 11: Common information model (CIM) extensions for distribution
July 3, 2013 - DS

IEC 61968-11:2013 specifies the distribution extensions of the common information model (CIM) specified in IEC 61970-301. It defines a standard set of extensions of common information model (CIM), which support message definitions in IEC 61968-3 to IEC 61968-9, IEC 61968-13 and IEC 61968-14. The...