Integrated Networking, Caching, and Computing
June 11, 2018 - CRC

This book features the major research advances on integrated networking, caching, and computing. Information-centric networking-based caching is one of the promising techniques for future networks. The cloud computing paradigm has been widely adopted to enable convenient,...

ISO 11783-2 - Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Serial control and communications data network - Part 2: Physical layer
April 1, 2019 - ISO

ISO 11783 specifies a serial data network for control and communications on forestry or agricultural tractors and mounted, semi-mounted, towed or self-propelled implements. Its purpose is to standardize the method and format of transfer of data between sensors, actuators, control elements,...

IEC/TR 62669 - Case studies supporting IEC 62232 – Determination of RF field strength, power density and sar in the vicinity of radiocommunication base stations for the purpose of evaluating human exposure
April 1, 2019 - IEC

This document, which is a Technical Report, presents a series of case studies in which electromagnetic (EM) fields are evaluated in accordance with IEC 62232:2017. The case studies presented in this document involve intentionally radiating base stations (BS). The BS transmit on one or more antennas...

Neural Networks with Keras Cookbook
February 28, 2019 - PACKT

Implement neural network architectures by building them from scratch for multiple real-world applications. Key Features * From scratch, build multiple neural network architectures such as CNN, RNN, LSTM in Keras * Discover tips and tricks for designing a robust neural network...

IETF RFC 8530 - YANG Model for Logical Network Elements
March 1, 2019 - IETF

This document defines a logical network element (LNE) YANG module that is compliant with the Network Management Datastore Architecture (NMDA). This module can be used to manage the logical resource partitioning that may be present on a network device. Examples of common...

IEC 61968-4 - Application integration at electric utilities – System interfaces for distribution management – Part 4: Interfaces for records and asset management
March 1, 2019 - IEC

This part of IEC 61968 specifies the information content of a set of message types that can be used to support many of the business functions related to records and asset management. Typical uses of the message types defined in this document include network extension planning, copying feeder...

IETF RFC 8529 - YANG Data Model for Network Instances
March 1, 2019 - IETF

This document defines a network instance module. This module can be used to manage the virtual resource partitioning that may be present on a network device. Examples of common industry terms for virtual resource partitioning are VPN Routing and Forwarding (VRF) instances and Virtual...

IETF RFC 8525 - YANG Library
March 1, 2019 - IETF

This document describes a YANG library that provides information about the YANG modules, datastores, and datastore schemas used by a network management server. Simple caching mechanisms are provided to allow clients to minimize retrieval of this information. This version of the YANG library...

CompTIA Server+ Certification Guide
February 26, 2019 - PACKT

"Master the concepts and techniques that will enable you to succeed on the SK0-004 exam the first time with the help of this study guide Key Features * Explore virtualisation, IPv4 & IPv6 networking, administration and more * Enhancing limited knowledge of server configuration and function *...

IETF RFC 8542 - A YANG Data Model for Fabric Topology in Data-Center Networks
March 1, 2019 - IETF

This document defines a YANG data model for fabric topology in data- center networks and represents one possible view of the data-center fabric. This document focuses on the data model only and does not endorse any kind of network design that could be based on the abovementioned model.