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ISO 6372 - Nickel and nickel alloys - Terms and definitions
May 1, 2017 - ISO

This document defines terms in the field of nickel and nickel alloys relating to - materials, - refinery products (i.e. refinery shapes and intermediate products of metallurgy), and - wrought products and castings.

GMW15613 - Decorative Nickel Chrome Plating on Stainless Steel
July 1, 2014 - GMW

This specification covers the basic requirements for nickel chromium plating on stainless steel. The properly applied finish provides excellent adhesion and corrosion protection. Nickel-chrome plating on other metals is covered by GMW14672. Material Description. Not applicable....

JIS G 3602 - Nickel and nickel alloy clad steels
April 20, 2012 - JSA

This Standard specifies the clad steels to be used for pressure vessels, nuclear reactors, storage tanks and the like, whose cladding metals are nickel and nickel alloys.

DEF STAN 02-886 - Requirements for Wrought Copper-Nickel-Chromium
February 28, 2019 - MODUK

a) This Defence Standard defines the requirements for the manufacture, testing and supply of copper-nickel-chromium alloy (CuNiCr) forgings, forging stock, rods and sections. b) This Standard is a Category 1 Maritime Defence Standard. c) Wrought copper-nickel-chromium to this Defence...

JIS Z 3224 - Nickel and Nickel-alloy covered electrodes
February 22, 2010 - JSA

This Standard specifies the nickel and nickel-alloy covered electrodes (hereafter referred to as "electrode") to produce the deposited metal in which the content of nickel exceeds that of any other element. NOTE: The International Standard corresponding to this Standard...

Chapter 4 - Nickel and Cobalt Alloys
January 1, 2015 - AWS

Nickel and cobalt alloys provide unique combinations of physical and mechanical properties and exceptional resistance to corrosion attack. If the need for these extraordinary properties were not critical to a variety of industrial applications, these alloys probably would not be manufactured...

DEF STAN 03-5 - Autocatalytic (Electroless) Nickel Coating of Metals
January 1, 1995 - MODUK

This Standard specifies the requirements for the deposition of electroless nickel coatings on metal surfaces by the chemical reduction of a nickel salt in aqueous solutions. NOTE: Other methods of producing nickel coatings, eg by electrodeposition, by the deposition of...

ISO 4939 - Steel - Determination of nickel - Dimethylglyoxime spectrophotometric method
February 1, 2016 - ISO

This International Standard specifies a spectrophotometric method for the determination of nickel in steel using dimethylglyoxime. The method is applicable to the determination of nickel mass fractions in the range of 0,10 % and 2,0 %. Cobalt, copper and manganese can...