CEI EN IEC 61265 - Electroacoustics - Instruments for measurement of aircraft noise - Performance requirements for systems to measure sound pressure levels in noise certification of aircraft
January 1, 2019 - CEI

This document specifies requirements for the electroacoustical performance of systems of instruments used to measure sound for the purposes of aircraft noise certification, and for other comparisons among aircraft models, and provides methods by which tests can be made periodically to verify...

DS/ISO 13473-1 - Characterization of pavement texture by use of surface profiles – Part 1: Determination of mean profile depth
February 11, 2019 - DS

This document describes a test method to determine the average depth of pavement surface macrotexture (see Clause 3) by measuring the profile of a surface and calculating the texture depth from this profile. The technique is designed to provide an average depth value of only the pavement...

ISO 11843-6 - Capability of detection — Part 6: Methodology for the determination of the critical value and the minimum detectable value in Poisson distributed measurements by normal approximations
February 1, 2019 - ISO

This document presents methods for determining the critical value of the response variable and the minimum detectable value in Poisson distribution measurements. It is applicable when variations in both the background noise and the signal are describable by the Poisson distribution. The...

DS/EN ISO 17201-1 - Acoustics – Noise from shooting ranges – Part 1: Determination of muzzle blast by measurement (ISO 17201-1:2018)
January 4, 2019 - DS

This document specifies a method to determine the acoustic source energy of the muzzle blast for calibres of less than 20 mm or explosive charges of less than 50 g TNT equivalent. It is applicable at distances where peak pressures less than 1 kPa (equivalent to a peak sound pressure level of 154...

ISO 17201-3 - Acoustics - Noise from shooting ranges - Part 3: Sound propagation calculations
January 1, 2019 - ISO

This document specifies methods of predicting the sound exposure level of shooting sound for a single shot at a given reception point. Guidelines are given to calculate other acoustic indices from the sound exposure level. The prediction is based on the angular source energy distribution of the...

JIS ENVIRONMENT TECH I-2 - JIS Environmental Technology I-2 Handbook (Noise/Vibration)
January 1, 2019 - JSA
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