DEF STAN 81-139 - Paper, Unbleached, Rolled
March 12, 1999 - MODUK

This Standard specifies requirements for a rolled unbleached paper for use in ammunition components and pyrotechnic flare cases.

April 1, 2014 - NPFC

This CID covers rolled oats cereals packed in commercially acceptable containers, suitable for use by Federal, State, local governments, and other interested parties; and as a component of operational rations. Please note: This document is not associated with Federal nutrition assistance...

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Flat-Rolled Steel Processes
May 28, 2009 - CRC

Throughout the last two decades, the flat-steel production industry has experienced great success with the introduction of new technologies and manufacturing advances for both hot and cold steel-rolling. These improvements are resulting in significantly reduced production costs and better product...

ASTM B69 - Standard Specification for Rolled Zinc
October 1, 2016 - ASTM

This specification covers two types of commercial rolled zinc as described in 1.2. It should be understood that the specification is general. Any closer limitations on permissible variations shall be a matter of agreement between the supplier (manufacturer) and the purchaser. Rolled...

JIS G 3311 - Cold rolled special steel strip
February 22, 2016 - JSA

This Japanese Industrial Standard specifies cold rolled special steel strips (hereafter referred to as "steel strips") and steel plates cut from steel strips (hereafter referred to as "cut-to-Iengths").

JIS A 5528 - Hot rolled steel sheet piles
June 20, 2012 - JSA

This Standard specifies the hot rolled steel sheet piles (hereafter referred to as "steel sheet piles") which are used for sheathing, coffering, structural foundations and other similar applications.

June 1, 1999 - DELPHI-I

1. SCOPE 1.This specification covers the requirements for standard ASTM grades and for modified grades of cold rolled carbon steel strip.

JIS G 3136 - Rolled steels for building structure
January 20, 2012 - JSA

This Standard specifies hot-rolled steels for building structure (hereafter referred to as "steel products"). NOTE: The International Standard corresponding to this Standard is as follows. ISO 24314: 2006 Structural steels-Structural steels for building with improved seismic...

SNZ AS/NZS 1365 - Tolerances for Flat-Rolled Steel Products
January 1, 1996 - SNZ

This Standard specifies dimensional tolerances for flat-rolled steels (uncoated, metalliccoated or organic-coated), other than stainless, high alloy and quenched and tempered steels, as follows: (a) Wide slabs. (b) Plate and floorplate rolled on a reversing mill. (c) Hot-rolled...