SAE J775 - Engine Poppet Valve Information Report
January 1, 2018 - SAE

This specification supplies engineers and designers with: a. Poppet valve nomenclature b. Poppet valve alloy designations c. Chemical compositions of poppet valve alloys d. A guide to valve alloy metallurgy and heat treatments e. General information on properties of...

FCI 70-2 - Control Valve Seat Leakage
January 1, 2013 - FCI

SCOPE & LIMITATIONS Selection of a leakage class is not restricted as to valve design, but acceptable values for various commercially available designs are suggested for each class under Section 4. This standard applies to production tests and cannot be used as a basis for predicting...

DEF STAN 02-375 - Valve Design and Manufacture
April 1, 2000 - MODUK

This NES specifies the general design and manufacturing requirements for valves and actuators for fluid systems in surface ships and submarines. Valve types to be used, characteristic features and duties of valves peculiar to any system will be given in the NES for the system...

November 23, 2011 - NPFC

This specification establishes the requirements for hydraulic pressure relief valves.

DEF STAN 02-361 - Valve Rod Gearing
October 28, 2017 - MODUK

Defence Standard (02-361) specifies the requirements for the installation of valve rod gearing in HM Ships and lists the standard range of fittings from which selection is to be made.

GMW17209 - Exhaust Valve Freezing Test
September 1, 2014 - GMW

Introduction Note: Nothing in this standard supercedes applicable laws and regulations. Note: In the event of conflict between the English and domestic language, the English language shall take precedence. Purpose. The purpose of this test procedure is to check for no engine start associated...

Mitral Valve Transesophageal Echocardiography
November 29, 2005 - CRC

Preface Over the past few years transesophageal echocardiography has become one of the most exciting imaging modalities available today in modern clinical cardiology. Transesophageal echocardiography and MRI imaging has substantially improved our understanding of mitral valve anatomy and...

December 19, 2013 - NPFC

This specification covers one type of valve for draining 70 and 300 pounds per square inch gage (psig) liquid oxygen converters.

June 24, 1960 - NPFC

This specification covers one type of vent and signal valve.

PIP PNSMV023 - Stainless Steel Gate Valve Descriptions
February 1, 2019 - PIP

This Practice provides the detailed purchase descriptions for stainless steel gate valve tag numbers included in PIP Piping Material Specifications and used along with PIP PNSMOHO for the procurement of valves. This Practice also provides a cross reference for stainless steel gate...