SNZ AS/NZS 3957 - Light-transmitting screens and curtains for welding operations
June 27, 2014 - SNZ

This Standard sets out the safety and physical requirements for light-transmitting screens and curtains intended to provide protection against hazardous radiation generated during welding processes, while simultaneously affording visual contact with the working position.

March 23, 1988 - FORD

1. SCOPE The material defined by this specification is a woven screen using polyester thread with a nominal 100 micron mesh opening.

BS ISO 14315 - Specification for Industrial Wire Screens
January 15, 1998 - BSI

Defines terms and specifies tolerances and test methods for pre-crimped or pressure-welded screens as described in BS 7372-3:1993.

NR SAO-IEC-HD-32 - Screen Templates Guide
March 21, 2003 - NR

Introduction Previously, it was necessary to generate each separate display element list manually using the 'Create' package. This has now been superseded by ADP utilities which automatically generate most of these lists from screen templates which can be produced in a number of ways :- •...

September 25, 2000 - FORD

1. SCOPE The material defined by this specification is a woven screen constructed in a plain square weave using polyester monofilament thread with a nominal 130 micron mesh opening.

CTA-799 - On-Screen Display Specification
July 1, 2006 - CTA

This standard, CEA-799-A, specifies syntax and semantics for bitmapped graphics data typically used for on-screen display (OSD). CEA-799-A is applicable whenever it is necessary to specify a standard method for delivery of bitmapped graphics data. The pixel formats include optional...