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DIN SPEC 91347

Integrated multi-functional Humble Lamppost (imHLa)

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Organization: DIN
Publication Date: 1 March 2018
Status: active
Page Count: 59
ICS Code (Street lighting and related equipment): 93.080.40
ICS Code (IT applications in transport): 35.240.60

This DIN SPEC (PAS) describes the "integrated humble lamppost" (imHLa) as an integral part of a municipality's digital infrastructure. It is described as an integrated system made up of individual functional components. Particular emphasis is placed on the efficient use and reuse of these functional components to maximize synergies, particularly for innovative services arising from the digitalization process.

New services based on the introduction of functional components as part of the "Internet of Things" (IoT), and the data thus generated, are what make standardization of the multifunctional lampposts so urgent, because current standards only relate to individual functional components, mostly seen in isolation.

Standardizing the integration of these functional components involves the following main aspects:

• the physical integration of the hardware within the lamppost, and - where technically and economically feasible and necessary - the integration of individual components with each other;

• the logical integration of individual functional components, for example for communication and exchanging data;

• the economic integration of individual functional components for operational and business models;

• the overall integration in urban platforms for implementing smart city objectives and integrated digitalization of urban space.

This DIN SPEC (PAS) also defines terminology to standardize the language of this complex, interdisciplinary field. Different levels of abstraction are considered to provide a clear vocabulary for use on the various decision-making levels when planning and implementing digitalization and integrated, multifunctional street lighting.

This DIN SPEC (PAS) aims to create systematic comparability, because the first products, i.e. integrated multifunctional lampposts and individual functional components as attachments or fixtures, are already on the market.

This DIN SPEC (PAS) relates to public spaces, i.e. street lighting for which cities and municipalities are responsible. It can also be applied to comparable outdoor lighting on private properties or privately owned public spaces, or anywhere else where a lamppost has been or will be used. The availability of an actual lamppost is assumed, due to the specific physical requirements of many of the functional components. Therefore, other forms of street lighting and outdoor lighting have not been taken into consideration.

This DIN SPEC (PAS) also contains a classification for the modular structure of the imHLa which lists the necessary functional components for integrating the following subsystems and/or infrastructures: 

- public street lighting using lampposts; 

- public internet access; 

- acquisition of environmental data; 

- charging infrastructure for electric vehicles; 

- safety and security in public spaces; 

- traffic monitoring and control; 

- parking space management.

NOTE Other areas of application are also possible.

Clause 5 describes a number of use cases requiring an integrated multifunctional lamppost.

This DIN SPEC (PAS) is thus aimed at decision-makers, purchasers and planners, manufacturers and operators. It can help planners select and design the digital infrastructure, and can assist decision-makers and purchasers in producing invitations to tender and specifications for the digitalization infrastructures. It provides a market definition for manufacturers and operators.

This DIN SPEC (PAS) also gives a concise overview of the current standards and specifications related to this topic.

However, competing technical rules and technical specifications for interfaces are not specified. This DIN SPEC (PAS) does not lay down requirements for data storage or data processing.

Document History

DIN SPEC 91347
March 1, 2018
Integrated multi-functional Humble Lamppost (imHLa)
This DIN SPEC (PAS) describes the “integrated humble lamppost” (imHLa) as an integral part of a municipality’s digital infrastructure. It is described as an integrated system made up of individual...