Standard: NG TS 3.10.00


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This Technical Specification (TS 3.10.00) is the first of a suite of documents which together form a ‘Generic Technical Specification for Civil, Structural and Building Engineering’ applicable to all National Grid Electricity construction works. The documents share the same numerical prefix (i.e. 3.10) and are subdivided into specific sections by the addition of a sequentially numbered suffix to create a series generically identified as 3.10.xx.

The basis of this specification is the Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry, 6th Edition, June 2004 published by UK Water Industry Research Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ‘CESWI6’).

The TS 3.10.xx suite replaces NGTS 2.10, ‘Generic Specification for Civil Engineering Works’ Issue 4, October 1997 which is withdrawn with immediate effect.

CESWI6 is written on the basis that it may be used in conjunction with additional, contract specific ‘Supplementary Clauses’. Consequently and for the purposes of consistency the TS 3.10.xx suite shall be classified as ‘Supplementary Clauses’ to CESWI6.

Where a proposed Civil, Structural and Building Engineering material, product or method of construction is not included in TS 3.10.xx, additional ‘Particular Specification’ Clause(s) shall be produced as necessary. A ‘Particular Specification’ shall be in accordance with British Standards, European Standards and Codes of Practice and developed in accordance with the procedure given in CESWI6, ‘Product Specifications and Levels of Attestation’. The ‘Particular Specification’ shall be in the same format as TS 3.10.xx and shall include the appropriate ‘Hold’ points and ‘Notification’ points. A ‘Particular Specification’ shall not be used until approved by the Client.

Any deficiency, ambiguity or inconsistency in the TS 3.10.xx suite or any cross references to third party documents that have become obsolete, deleted, superseded or amended shall be immediately identified to the Client. An appropriate ‘Particular Specification’ shall be produced.

In so far as any Specification Clause may conflict, or be inconsistent with, any provision of CESWI6, Supplementary Clauses (TS 3.10.xx) and Particular Specification(s),

Dependent on the contract procurement strategy this specification (TS 3.10.xx) may be used as a standalone document or as a component part of a larger suite of contract documents. In the latter case(s) and where there is any conflict the contractual or procedural requirements that relate to the project as a whole shall take precedence over those contained herein. Where there is any ambiguity clarification shall be sought from the Client before commencement of any relevant works.

Organization: National Grid
Document Number: ng ts 3.10.00
Publish Date: 2010-07-01
Page Count: 146
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: YES
Status: Active

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