Standard: OPIS PTE GEOCODE DVD - 1096-3235


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The OPIS/STALSBY Petroleum Terminal Encyclopedia CD puts you in touch with over 1,600 bulk liquid storage facilities throughout North America. Quickly locate product and available storage for crude oil, refined products, ethanol, biodiesel, natural gas liquids, jet fuel and petrochemicals.

One free, updated CD is provided six months after initial purchase and also includes a print directory as a value-added benefit to your order.

The CD is completely exportable to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, text, and many other formats, and allows you to search the entire database on specific characteristics.

Free Bonus: The State-by-State Terminals Map on CD – A $249 Value! Use these full-color maps* to help pinpoint physical locations of terminals throughout the U.S. There's never been an easier way to view terminals at-a-glance. * Internet access required for viewing.

Listings include:

  • Mailing addresses and physical addresses of terminal facilities
  • Longitude/latitude degrees for physical addresses of terminal facilities
  • Email addresses
  • Direct phone numbers
  • Direct fax numbers
  • Job titles

Terminal personnel listings include:

  • Terminal manager
  • Exchange/throughput coordinator
  • Bill of lading/accounts receivable

Terminal type listings include:

  • Refined products
  • Crude oil
  • Natural gas liquids
  • Petrochemicals
  • Jet fuel
  • Lube oil
  • Asphalt
  • Biodiesel

Outloading methods include:

  • Transport truck
  • Barge/vessel
  • Rail line companies serving the terminal
  • Pipeline

Outloading features include:

  • Top or bottom loading
  • Card automation or key access
  • Vapor recovery requirements
  • Additive injection equipment
  • Lubricity additive capabilities
  • Splash blending
  • Meter blending

Type of product stored with individual and total capacities:

  • Total Number of Tanks
  • ExStars Terminal Numbers
  • Exchange/Throughput Partners
  • Ethanol Storage Index
  • Refinery Storage Index
  • Terminal Index
Organization: Oil Price Information Service
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