Standard: HHS - 21 CFR PART 180


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(a) Substances having a history of use in food for human consumption or in food contact surfaces may at any time have their safety or functionality brought into question by new information that in itself is not conclusive. An interim food additive regulation for the use of any such substance may be promulgated in this subpart when new information raises a substantial question about the safety or functionality of the substance but there is a reasonable certainty that the substance is not harmful and that no harm to the public health will result from the continued use of the substance for a limited period of time while the question raised is being resolved by further study.

(b) No interim food additive regulation may be promulgated if the new information is conclusive with respect to the question raised or if there is a reasonable likelihood that the substance is harmful or that continued use of the substance will result in harm to the public health.

(c) The Commissioner, on his own initiative or on the petition of any interested person, pursuant to part 10 of this chapter, may propose an interim food additive regulation. A final order promulgating an interim food additive regulation shall provide that continued use of the substance in food is subject to each of the following conditions:

(1) Use of the substance in food or food contact surfaces must comply with whatever limitations the Commissioner deems to be appropriate under the circumstances.

(2) Within 60 days following the effective date of the regulation, an interested person shall satisfy the Commissioner in writing that studies adequate and appropriate to resolve the questions raised about the substance have been undertaken, or the Food and Drug Administration may undertake the studies. The Commissioner may extend this 60-day period if necessary to review and act on proposed protocols. If no such commitment is made, or adequate and appropriate studies are not undertaken, an order shall immediately be published in the FEDERAL REGISTER revoking the interim food additive regulation effective upon publication.

(3) A progress report shall be filed on the studies every January 1 and July 1 until completion. If the progress report is inadequate or if the Commissioner concludes that the studies are not being pursued promptly and diligently or if interim results indicate a reasonable likelihood that a health hazard exists, an order will promptly be published in the FEDERAL REGISTER revoking the interim food additive regulation effective upon publication.

(4) If nonclinical laboratory studies are involved, studies filed with the Commissioner shall include, with respect to each study, either a statement that the study has been or will be conducted in compliance with the good laboratory practice regulations as set forth in part 58 of this chapter, or, if any such study was not conducted in compliance with such regulations, a brief statement of the reason for the noncompliance.

Organization: Food and Drug Administration (Medical Products Quality Assurance)
Document Number: 21 cfr part 180
Publish Date: 2016-04-01
Page Count: 7
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: NO
Current Version: NO
Status: Active

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21 CFR PART 180 Change Type: COMPLETE REVISION Update Date: 2014-04-01 Status: ACTV
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21 CFR PART 180 Change Type: COMPLETE REVISION Update Date: 2017-04-01 Status: ACTV

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