Standard: RTCA DO-230


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The standards outlined herein establish application recommendations for components, processes, methods, designs, and engineering practices in the implementation of ISSA systems. In addition, the document contains significant additional material on potential extensions of such systems over and above the current regulatory requirements in line with industry practice, anticipated regulatory requirements and new technology. It contains explicit material on system migration issues. This document includes criteria deemed appropriate to standards intended to achieve the highest practical degree of commonality of interfaces between system or subsystem hardware and software modules and interchangeability of these modules across a wide range of products and manufacturers.

These standards do not replace specifications that must be developed by end users to tailor ISSA requirements to specific purposes such as system acquisition, installation, operation, training and maintenance.

These standards provide the foundation upon which such ISSA technical specifications should be developed. The operational goals are the installation and/or implementation of an FAA- and TSA-approved ISSA that enables an airport operator to comply with the regulatory requirements, to minimize costs and operational impacts, to maximize utility for operational users, and to provide a sound foundation for the support of anticipated new requirements, technology and standards.


This document contains standards and guidelines for airport security access control and integrated systems (including alarm monitoring, credentialing, identity management, biometrics, video management and recording, intrusion detection, intercom, public address, and supporting network communications subsystems) and is hereinafter entitled Integrated Security Systems for Airports (ISSA).

Airport operators designing or enhancing such systems under the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 49 (Transportation Security Administration [TSA]), Chapter XII, Part 1542.207, are strongly encouraged to consider these recommendations in the design and implementation process.

These standards present functional requirements and performance characteristics, and best practices for use by designers, manufacturers, installers, service providers, operators and users of automated integrated security systems intended for operational use within the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS) and include industry best practices and lessons learned by industry subject matter experts.

Organization: RTCA, Inc.
Document Number: rtca do-230
Publish Date: 2016-06-21
Page Count: 360
Change Type: STCH
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: NO
Current Version: NO
Status: Inactive

Document History

Document # Change Type Update Date Revision Status
RTCA DO-230 Change Type: COMPLETE REVISION Update Date: 2017-12-19 Revision: H Status: ACTV
RTCA DO-230 Change Type: STCH Update Date: 2015-12-15 Revision: F Status: INAC
RTCA DO-230 Change Type: STCH Update Date: 2015-06-18 Revision: E Status: INAC
RTCA DO-230 Change Type: STCH Update Date: 2011-06-21 Revision: D Status: INAC
RTCA DO-230 Change Type: STCH Update Date: 2011-06-21 Revision: C Status: INAC
RTCA DO-230 Change Type: COMPLETE REVISION Update Date: 2008-06-19 Revision: B Status: INAC
RTCA DO-230 Change Type: COMPLETE REVISION Update Date: 2003-01-01 Revision: A Status: INAC
RTCA DO-230 Change Type: COMPLETE REVISION Update Date: 1996-03-13 Revision: 96 Status: INAC
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