Standard: MODUK - DEF STAN 00-035: PART 2


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This Defence Standard sets out the requirements for the environmental conditions in which defence materiel is expected to operate and survive. It provides requirements and guidance on the environmental conditions likely to pertain, the strategies and approaches for the evaluation of defence materiel as well as the test procedures and associated default severities which may be adopted to undertake such evaluations.

Defence Standard 00-035 is in five parts. More than one part may apply to the environmental requirement for materiel and may cross reference to other parts of the Defence Standard. It is essential that all parts be considered and used where appropriate. A brief description of the five parts to this standard is presented in Part 1 Chapter 1-01. The principal changes from the previous edition are as follows:

Part 1 has been amended to account for the revised layout of the standard as well as to account for changes in procurement procedures and terminology implemented since the previous issue.

Part 2 has been extensively revised to provide improved guidance on the identification of appropriate evaluation and test requirements as well as establishing sequential environmental trials programmes.

Part 3 has been extensively revised to provide updated test procedures and associated default severities. The test procedures are now presented in a consistent format and now separates information required to; define the test, undertaking the test and verify the test was undertaken correctly. As far as practicable, the test procedures have been aligned with those of international commercial standards. Default test severities are now clearly separated from the test procedure permitting the use of severities specifically applicable to defence materiel and its usage. A number of test procedures have now been combined, especially were they utilise similar test facilities. Nevertheless, as far as practicable historic backward compatibility and traceability has been retained for legacy materiel.

Part 4 has been extensively revised and updated. It also now includes new chapters which set out the necessary evaluation requirements for materiel exposed to climatic conditions. It also incorporates appropriate information previously included in the now withdrawn Part 6 of the standard.

Part 5 has been extensively revised and updated. It also now includes new sections providing guidance on the measurement of mechanical environments as well as the necessary analysis and derivation of mechanical test severities. New guidance is also supplied on a number of topics associated with the evaluation of materiel against mechanical environments.

In accordance with current HM Government policy the maximum use has been made in this Standard of information published in British Standards and internationally agreed standards. Where these standards are suitable they are invoked in this Standard. Many of the test methods contained in this standard are directly related to those in BS EN 60068, or from STANAG 4370 and its associated AECTPs.

Organization: British Defence Standards
Document Number: def stan 00-035: part 2
Publish Date: 2017-01-28
Page Count: 70
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: YES
Status: Active