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2017-2019 Global Aviation Safety Plan

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Organization: ICAO
Publication Date: 1 January 2017
Status: active
Page Count: 110


This document sets forth a strategy, referred to as the Global Aviation Safety Plan or "GASP", which supports the prioritization and continuous improvement of aviation safety. The GASP follows an approach and philosophy similar to that of the Global Air Navigation Plan (Doc 9750), also referred to as the "GANP". Both documents promote coordination and collaboration among international, regional and national initiatives aimed at delivering a harmonized, safe and efficient international civil aviation system.

ICAO introduced the first version of the GASP in 1997 by formalizing a series of conclusions and recommendations developed during an informal meeting between the Air Navigation Commission (ANC) of ICAO and industry. The GASP was used to guide and prioritize the technical work programme of the Organization and was updated regularly to ensure its continuing relevance.

In May 2005, another meeting with industry identified a need to broaden the GASP to provide a common frame of reference for all stakeholders. Such a plan would allow a more proactive approach to aviation safety and help coordinate and guide safety policies and initiatives worldwide to reduce the accident risk for commercial aviation. It was then decided that industry representatives, from the Industry Safety Strategy Group (ISSG), would work together with ICAO to develop a common approach for aviation safety. The global aviation safety roadmap that was developed by the ISSG provided the foundation upon which the GASP 2007 edition was based. In March 2006, ICAO held the Directors General of Civil Aviation Conference on a global strategy for aviation safety (DGCA/06), which welcomed the development of the global aviation safety roadmap and recommended that ICAO develop an integrated approach to safety initiatives, based on the global aviation safety roadmap, which would provide a global framework for the coordination of safety policies and initiatives.

In 2013, during its 38th Session, the Assembly urged ICAO to complete the development of a global aviation safety roadmap in support of the GASP. The second High-level Safety Conference held in 2015 (HLSC 2015) agreed on the need for ICAO to develop a global aviation safety roadmap in support of the GASP, in collaboration with States, regional aviation safety groups (RASGs), aviation safety partners and industry.

In 2015, ICAO established the Global Aviation Safety Plan Roadmap Group (GASPRG) to undertake necessary actions to assist the Organization in updating the GASP, particularly in relation to the development of a new global aviation safety roadmap supporting the implementation of the GASP. The GASPRG was composed of subject matter experts from States, industry, and regional and international organizations. It included participation by all the organizations previously involved in the ISSG.

The GASP has significantly changed since its introduction in 1997, and has evolved through continuous consultation and review. The 2014-2016 edition was published in 2013 and included GASP objectives for States to achieve through the implementation of an effective safety oversight system, a State safety programme (SSP) and safety capabilities necessary to support future aviation systems. This 2017-2019 edition updates the GASP to include a global aviation safety roadmap developed to support an integrated approach to implementation.

The input of experts from States, international organizations, regional organizations and industry received through the GASPRG, and from individual experts who have provided support and advice, is gratefully acknowledged.

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