BRE - Thermal insulation: avoiding risks

Organization: BRE
Publication Date: 1 January 2001
Page Count: 85

This report represents an update of the BRE guide first produced in 1989 and extensively revised in 1994. The approach of these earlier editions, highlighting the link between risks, causes and solutions, has been retained. This updated edition contains a number of revisions resulting from developments in research, changes in materials, construction techniques and the building regulations. The guide has been prepared to support the building regulations for the conservation of fuel and power. The information in this guide represents the recommendations of BRE on good design and construction practice associated with thermal standards; it is not a document approved to satisfy all requirements of the building regulations. Users of the publication are responsible for the correct application of the advice provided.

The guide discusses the more important technical risks associated with meeting the requirements of building regulations for thermal insulation. Technical risks are highlighted and these are followed by actions that could be taken to avoid the risk. In assessing risks for a particular building, consideration should be given to the environmental conditions likely to occur both inside and outside the building, and its expected life.