BRE - Tension tests for concrete

Organization: BRE
Publication Date: 10 October 2000
Page Count: 17

This is a review of tension test methods for concrete. Although not used as often as standard compression tests for concrete, tension tests are needed in order to fully assess structural performance. Because of the difficulty in performing axial tension tests on concrete, many different alternative methods have been adopted over the last century. Only a few of these are specified in Standards.This review deals with non-Standard as well as Standard methods and covers the five principal categories of tension tests, namely: axial, splitting, flexure, fluid pressure and torsion. Within each of these categories there are variations, all of which are described, discussed and compared. All the test methods have their uses: the choice depends upon the application and the particular structural context, as well as the practical considerations of performing the test. Includes a bibliography of 39 references.