WILEY - Standards of Practice in Construction Specifying

Organization: WILEY
Publication Date: 5 January 2013
Page Count: 173

"Construction Specifications provide critical information necessary to convey the design intent of the Architect and the legally enforceable contract requirements. Many factors must be considered by the Architect in the development of written construction documents, including project delivery method, project ownership, sustainability, and code requirements.

This companion guide to the 2013 AIA National Convention Presentation "Architect's Guide to Construction Specifications" provides excerpts from important industry publications regarding the preparation of construction documents. Material was carefully selected from the following books:

- CSI Construction Specifications Practice Guide

- Architect's Guide to the US National CAD Standard- CSI Construction Contract Administration Practice Guide

- Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice 14e

Additional excerpts have been provided from CSI Formats to provide an overview of organizational standards for Specifications including:

- MasterFormat- SectionFormat/PageFormat

- PPDFormat

Added material includes examples for comment document types, which can also be used as templates: Outline Specification; Short Form Specification; Certification and Seals Page; and Addendum"

Authors: Dennis J. Hall, Nina M. Giglio