Standard: NAAMM - HMMA 861


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These specifications have been prepared in accordance with the CSI recommended format with Part 1- General, Part 2-Product and Part 3-Execution. Guide specifications are intended to be used as the basis for developing project specifications and must be edited to suit specific job requirements. Inapplicable provisions should be deleted, appropriate selections should be made where there are choices, and provisions applicable to the project should be added where necessary. Options are shown in brackets. Notes, recommendations and instructions to specifiers are given in italics directly following or at the start of the sections to which they apply. Notes that contain permissive language are not considered part of the standard. Dates given with ASTM and other standards were current at the time this specification was published. When a more recent standard is available, the specifier should verify applicability to this Guide prior to its inclusion. While the CSI Section Format locates Delivery, Storage and Handling in Part 1, NAAMM Standards include them under Part 3 – Execution.

Materials and fabrication methods are specified in detail in Part 2. Doors and frames made in accordance with these specifications have successfully met the testing and performance requirements of Section 1.05. However, the materials and fabrication methods called for in these specifications, while providing a guide, are not meant to restrict the use of other materials and methods where it can be demonstrated through the specific testing procedures in Section 1.05 that the construction can equal or exceed the performance levels specified in this Section. In order to ensure that a manufacturer's product meets the desired performance levels, the project specifications must always include the Testing and Performance requirements of Section 1.05 and the Quality Assurance requirements of Section 1.06.

The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as the standard. Corresponding metric values are included in parenthesis for reference purposes only.

This guide specification addresses the requirements for commercial steel stiffened hollow metal doors and frame products.

For hollow metal doors and frames subject to less rigorous use than commercial and institutional applications, give consideration to HMMA 860, "Hollow Metal Doors and Frames", or ANSI/NAAMM HMMA 867, "Guide Specifications for Commercial Laminated Core Hollow Metal Doors and Frames". If security is a factor, there are two hollow metal standards available - ANSI/NAAMM HMMA 862, "Guide Specifications for Commercial Security Hollow Metal Doors and Frames", and ANSI/NAAMM HMMA 863, "Guide Specifications for Detention Security Hollow Metal Doors and Frames". For acoustic applications consideration may be given to ANSI/NAAMM HMMA 865, "Guide Specifications for Swinging Sound Control Hollow Metal Doors and Frames". For situations where corrosion resistance beyond that of typical commercial steel door and frame applications, or where specialized aesthetic appearance, are significant design criteria, consideration should be given to ANSI/NAAMM HMMA 866, "Guide Specifications for Stainless Steel Hollow Metal Doors and Frames".

The CSI Master Format ‘95, which placed Hollow Metal Doors and Frames in Section 08110, has been relocated in Master Format 2004. Section 08 11 13 is the new CSI location for hollow metal doors and frame products. This Specification presents the 2004 Format as its primary reference, with the '95 Format in parenthesis as a cross-reference. Specifiers can use either; however both systems shall not be utilized within the same set of construction documents.

Organization: National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers
Document Number: hmma 861
Publish Date: 2014-01-01
Page Count: -2147483648
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: YES
Status: Active

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