Standard: NAAMM - HMMA 800


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The term "hollow metal work" refers to many of those components of building construction that are made of cold formed sheet metal. It applies to a wide range of products, including not only doors and frames, but partitions, curtain wall framing, radiator and convector enclosures, and numerous other similar items. With the exception of single family residences, there are relatively few buildings, in fact, in which hollow metal work is not used. By far the most widely used of these products are doors and frames, and for that reason this Manual is concerned principally with those items

Hollow metal doors and frames were introduced early in the century, and the use of hollow metal products has steadily expanded since then, keeping pace with the growth of the building industry. Yet there have been few attempts to provide the architect with authoritative and unbiased technical information regarding the manufacture, design and use of these products.

It is the purpose of this Manual to provide such information, in the belief that it will benefit not only architects but the industry as well. Its chief aim is the promotion of good design practice, the use of quality materials and careful workmanship. The establishment of appropriate standards in respect to these matters will be helpful to all concerned; not only the architect and manufacturer, but the contractor and the building owner as well.

The information provided, though general in nature, pertains particularly to custom work, for reasons that will be explained. This manual is not intended, however, as a comprehensive treatise on the subject. Such an undertaking would not only require more time and resources than have been available, but might also be of dubious practical value. Instead, the aim has been to provide basic and concise information which hopefully will help the design professions to better understand how hollow metal work is made and how it should be designed and specified.

Organization: National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers
Document Number: hmma 800
Publish Date: 1996-01-01
Page Count: -2147483648
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
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Current Version: YES
Status: Active