AWS - C2.16/C2.16M:2017

Guide for thermal-spray operator qualification

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Organization: AWS
Publication Date: 1 January 2017
Status: active
Page Count: 44
ICS Code (Surface treatment): 25.220.20
ISBN (print): 978-0-87171-911-9

1.1 Scope. This guide contains recommendations for establishing, conducting, and maintaining a thermal spray operator qualification program. Such programs generally include training, knowledge and skill testing, and documentation requirements. The skill tests described in this guide relate to flame spraying, arc spraying, atmospheric plasma spraying, and high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) spraying. While this guide does not preclude the possibility to establish a qualification program for operators of automatic thermal spray equipment, the examples in this guide assume the objective is to qualify operators who develop process parameters, apply the thermal spray process, and evaluate the effectiveness of the coating process. This document is not to be used as a stand-alone document for operator qualification or certification. An operator would not be "qualified in accordance with AWS C2.16/C2.16M" as this document does not address relevant acceptance standards. However, a qualification program can state that it follows the guidelines of AWS C2.16/C2.16M. Although this guide is not written with mandatory requirements, mandatory language, such as the use of "shall," will be found in those portions of the document where failure to follow the instructions or procedures could produce inferior, misleading, or unsafe results.1.2 Exclusion. AWS C2.16/C2.16M does not preclude an employer or contractor from continuing to qualify thermal spray operators in accordance with any established qualification program or the requirements of standards such as: (1) AWS C2.19, Specification for the Application of Thermal Spray Coatings to Machine Elements for OEM and Repair. (2) MIL-STD-1687, Thermal Spray Processes for Naval Ship Machinery Applications. (3) Various original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) or after-market repair, thermal spray process, and spray specifications. (4) ISO 14918, Thermal spraying-Approval testing of thermal sprayers. 1.3 Units of Measurement. This guide makes use of both U.S. Customary Units and the International System of Units [SI]. The latter are shown within brackets [ ] or in appropriate columns in tables and figures. The measurements may not be exact equivalents; therefore each system must be used independently. 1.4 Safety. Safety and health issues and concerns are beyond the scope of this standard and therefore are not fully addressed herein. Safety and health information is available from the following sources: American Welding Society: (1) ANSI Z49.1, Safety in Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes (2) AWS Safety and Health Fact Sheets (3) Other safety and health information on the AWS website Material or Equipment Manufacturers: (1) Safety Data Sheets supplied by materials manufacturers (2) Operating Manuals supplied by equipment manufacturers AWS C2.16/C2.16M:2017 Other: (1) NFPA 5IB, Standard for Fire Prevention During Welding, Cutting, and Other Hot Work Applicable Regulatory Agencies Work performed in accordance with this standard may involve the use of materials that have been deemed hazardous, and may involve operations or equipment that may cause injury or death. This standard does not purport to address all safety and health risks that may be encountered. The user of this standard should establish an appropriate safety program to address such risks as well as to meet applicable regulatory requirements. ANSI Z49.1 should be considered when developing the safety program. 1.5 When qualifying a thermal spray operator candidate using a program that has been developed in accordance with this standard, the qualifier shall ensure that all equipments used for pre-coat processing, coating, and post-coat processing as well as testing and measurement equipment and instruments are properly maintained according to the manufacturers' recommendations and properly calibrated.


This guide contains recommendations for establishing a thermal spray operator qualification program. Information related to training, knowledge and skill testing, and coating system inspection... View More

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January 1, 2017
Guide for thermal-spray operator qualification
1.1 Scope. This guide contains recommendations for establishing, conducting, and maintaining a thermal spray operator qualification program. Such programs generally include training, knowledge and...