MCGRAW - Computer Systems: An Embedded Approach

Organization: MCGRAW
Publication Date: 1 January 2018

Discover the modern computer systems technology that drives everything from tiny embedded devices to the global Internet of Everything. This comprehensive textbook explores computing hardware and software principles from an embedded perspective. It uncovers, step by step, how those concepts are used in the real world to build computer systems ranging from tiny embedded devices to warehouse-sized clusters, and how these are interlinked globally through the Internet. Computer Systems: An Embedded Approach fully explains the main hardware components-including processors, memory, storage devices, and performance accelerators-before thoroughly discussing operating systems, connectivity, and networking. You will discover how computer hardware and software work together to deliver pervasive computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile computing technology as well as apps and programs ranging from the smallest to the largest.

Coverage includes:

• Computer fundamentals

• CPU basics

• Processor internals

• CPU performance enhancement

• External hardware and peripherals

• Practical embedded CPUs

• Programming

• Operating systems

• Connectivity

• Networking

• The future of embedded computing systems

Author: Ian Vince McLoughlin