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WILEY - Food Safety for the 21st Century: Managing HACCP and Food Safety Throughout the Global Supply Chain

Organization: WILEY
Publication Date: 1 October 2018
Page Count: 494

Revised to reflect the most recent developments in food safety, the second edition of Food Safety for the 21st Century offers practitioners an authoritative text that contains the essentials of food safety management in the global supply chain. The authors - noted experts in the field - reveal how to design, implement and maintain a stellar food safety programme. The book contains industry bestpractices that can help businesses to improve their systems and accelerate the application of worldclass food safety systems. The authors outline the key food safety considerations for individuals, businesses and organisations involved in today's complex global food supply chains.

The text contains the information needed to recognise food safety hazards, design safe products and processes and identify and manage effectively the necessary control mechanisms within the food business. The authors also include a detailed discussion of current issues and key challenges in the global food supply chain. This important guide:

• Offers a thorough review of the various aspects of food safety and considers how to put in place an excellent food safety system

• Contains the information on HACCP appropriate for all practitioners in the worldwide food supply chain

• Assists new and existing business to meet their food safety goals and responsibilities

• Includes illustrative examples of current thinking and challenges to food safety management and recommendations for making improvements to systems and practices

Written for food safety managers, researchers and regulators worldwide, this revised guide offers a comprehensive text and an excellent reference for developing, implementing and maintaining worldclass food safety programmes and shows how to protect and defend the food supply chain from threats.

Authors: Carol A. Wallace, William H. Sperber, Sara E. Mortimore