PACKT - Microsoft Power BI Complete Reference

Organization: PACKT
Publication Date: 21 December 2018
Page Count: 780

"Design, develop, and master efficient Power BI solutions for impactful business insights

Key Features

*Get to grips with the fundamentals of Microsoft Power BI

*Combine data from multiple sources, create visuals, and publish reports across platforms

*Understand Power BI concepts with real-world use cases

Book Description

Microsoft Power BI Complete Reference Guide gets you started with business intelligence by showing you how to install the Power BI toolset, design effective data models, and build basic dashboards and visualizations that make your data come to life.

In this Learning Path, you will learn to create powerful interactive reports by visualizing your data and learn visualization styles, tips and tricks to bring your data to life. You will be able to administer your organization's Power BI environment to create and share dashboards. You will also be able to streamline deployment by implementing security and regular data refreshes.

Next, you will delve deeper into the nuances of Power BI and handling projects. You will get acquainted with planning a Power BI project, development, and distribution of content, and deployment. You will learn to connect and extract data from various sources to create robust datasets, reports, and dashboards. Additionally, you will learn how to format reports and apply custom visuals, animation and analytics to further refine your data.

By the end of this Learning Path, you will learn to implement the various Power BI tools such as on-premises gateway together along with staging and securely distributing content via apps. This Learning Path includes content from the following Packt products:

*Microsoft Power BI Quick Start Guide by Devin Knight et al.

*Mastering Microsoft Power BI by Brett PowellWhat you will learn

*Connect to data sources using both import and DirectQuery options

*Leverage built-in and custom visuals to design effective reports

*Administer a Power BI cloud tenant for your organization

*Deploy your Power BI Desktop files into the Power BI Report Server

*Build efficient data retrieval and transformation processes

Who this book is for

Microsoft Power BI Complete Reference Guide is for those who want to learn and use the Power BI features to extract maximum information and make intelligent decisions that boost their business. If you have a basic understanding of BI concepts and want to learn how to apply them using Microsoft Power BI, then Learning Path is for you. It consists of real-world examples on Power BI and goes deep into the technical issues, covers additional protocols, and much more."