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CRC - Electrodissolution Processes Fundamentals and Applications

Organization: CRC
Publication Date: 10 December 2020
Page Count: 313

Electrodissolution Processes: Fundamentals and Applications discusses the basic principles involved in high-rate anodic dissolution processes and their application in advanced machining, micromachining, and finishing operations. The fundamentals section of the book discusses the anodic dissolution behavior of different classes of metals and the influence of mass transport, current distribution, and surface film properties on the metal removal rate and surface finishing. The applications section of the book presents essential elements of electrochemical and assisted techniques for precision machining, micromachining, and polishing of advanced materials, including hard-to-machine conducting ceramic materials.


A first-of-its-kind book that provides updated scientific and engineering information related to high-rate anodic dissolution processes

Highlights the importance of the understanding of basic principles required for designing and optimizing ECM/EMM/EP processes

Gives equal emphasis to the fundamentals and applications of electrodissolution processes

Discusses the high-rate anodic dissolution of two broad classes of materials, namely, engineering and refractory materials

Presents case studies to demonstrate the capabilities of different electrochemical and assisted machining, micromachining, and finishing operations

Presents a dedicated chapter on electrochemical planarization of copper interconnects  

Madhav Datta is the Chairman of Amrita Center for Industrial Research and Innovation and a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Amrita University, Coimbatore, India.

Author: Madhav Datta