Standard: NFPA - 70L


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FOREWORD: This Model State Law Providing for the Inspection of Electrical Installations wag prepared by the Electrical Field Service, Committee of the NFPA as a guide for thae states that do not have statewide electrical inspection and those that desire to improve the2 state electrical inspection laws. It was tentatively adopted by the Association on May 16, 1972. It was officially adopted by the Association on May 15, 1973.

The development and periodic revision of the National Electrical Code, the nationally recognized safety standard for electrical installations, represents an enormous effort in the public interest by the electrical utilities, contractors, manufacturers, journeymen, and inspectors. Produced through the standards making procedures of the National Fire Protection Association and adopted by the American National Standards Institute, it is intended to be suitable for mandatory application by governmental bodies exercising legal jurisdiction over electrical installations.

In order that its application be mandatory, it usually must be incorporated in a law, or a law must be passed authorizing a governmental agency or board to adopt it. To facilitate drafting such a law, as well as establishing the accompanying inspection and enforcement procedures, NFPA offers this Model Law as a basis for the preparation of such legislation. It may require modification in order to comply with the statute-writing rules of a particular state.

Where the electrical inspection and enforcement functions are already being performed satisfactorily, it is not intended that prevailing satisfactory arrangements be altered by the application of this Model Law.

Three alternative methods of adopting the electrical installation requirements are presented in the Model Law. Circumstances in a particular state determine which alternate is most appropriate.

The text of the Model Law is in the left-hand column. An explanation of the text is presented in the right-hand column.

Organization: National Fire Protection Association
Document Number: 70l
Publish Date: 1973-05-15
Page Count: 40
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: YES
Status: Inactive

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