WILEY - Chemical Process Simplification: Improving Productivity and Sustainability

Organization: WILEY
Publication Date: 1 January 2011
Page Count: 296

The indispensible handbook on the benefits of using chemical simplification processes to produce higher-quality products This book details methods to enhance manufacturing efficiencies to increase productivity, cut costs, and remain environmentally conscientious. It incorporates unique strategies to illustrate how simplifying chemical processes in the development of new products can spur technological innovation and help small- to large-scale industrial plants discover novel ways for improving the overall quality of what they make. Filled with sound, environmentally friendly advice on techniques for reducing waste, batch-process cycle time, raw material expenses and developing innovative batch and continuous processes, Chemical Process Simplification: Provides a structured approach of process development to improve yield and shorten product development and commercialization time Supplies concepts that simplify chemical processing, especially if there are multiple steps involved Shows how to improve manufacturing processes and remain "green" Includes case studies to reinforce learning material Reviewing processes removed from the perspective of "what is" to offer a refreshing new outlook on "what is possible," Chemical Process Simplification tackles a diversity of subjects such as economics, safety, and ecology to deliver valuable tools directed toward breaking the barriers of outdated manufacturing traditions. Chemical-related business professionals will find in this book the lessons they need for inspiring ingenuity, setting standards in sustainability, and meeting the demands and expectations of consumers for generations to come.