WILEY - Mining Graph Data

Organization: WILEY
Publication Date: 1 January 2007
Page Count: 500

Discover the latest data mining techniques for analyzing graph data This text takes a focused and comprehensive look at an area of data mining that is quickly rising to the forefront of the field: mining data that is represented as a graph. Each chapter is written by a leading researcher in the field; collectively, the chapters represent the latest findings and applications in both theory and practice, including solutions to many of the algorithmic challenges that arise in mining graph data. Following the authors' step-by-step guidance, even readers with minimal background in analyzing graph data will be able to represent data as graphs, extract patterns and concepts from the data, and apply the methodologies presented in the text to real datasets. Mining Graph Data is divided into three parts: Part I, Graphs, offers an introduction to basic graph terminology and techniques. Part II, Mining Techniques, features a detailed examination of computational techniques for extracting patterns from graph data. These techniques are the state of the art in frequent substructure mining, link analysis, graph kernels, and graph grammars. Part III, Applications, describes the application of data mining techniques to four graph-based application domains: chemical graphs, bioinformatics data, Web graphs, and social networks. Practical case studies are included in many of the chapters. An accompanying Web site features source code and datasets, offering readers the opportunity to experiment with the techniques presented in the book as well as test their own ideas on graph data. The Web site also includes the results of many of the techniques presented in the text. This landmark work is intended for students and researchers in computer science, information systems, and data mining who want to learn how to analyze and extract useful patterns and concepts from graph data.