WILEY - Hierarchically Structured Porous Materials Complete Document

Organization: WILEY
Publication Date: 1 January 2011
Page Count: 679

This first book devoted to this hot field of science covers materials with bimodal, trimodal and multimodal pore size, with an emphasis on the successful design, synthesis and characterization of all kinds of hierarchically structured porous materials using different synthesis strategies. It details formation mechanisms related to different synthesis strategies while also introducing natural phenomena of hierarchy and perspectives of hierarchical science in polymers, physics, engineering, biology and life science. With individual chapters written by leading experts, this is the authoritative treatment, serving as an essential reference for researchers and beginners alike. From the contents: * Insights into hierarchically structured porous materials * Hierarchy in natural materials * Hierarchically structured porous materials by dually micellar templating approach * Colloidal crystal templating approaches to materials with hierarchical porosity * Templating of macroporous or swollen macrostructured polymers * Bioinspired approach to synthesizing hierarchical porous materials * Porous materials by templating of small liquid drops * Hierarchically porous materials by phase separation: monoliths * Feature synthesis of hierarchically porous materials * Integrative chemistry routes toward advanced functional hierarchical foams * Hierarchically structured porous coatings and membranes * Self-formation phenomenon to hierarchically structured porous materials * Auto-generated hierarchical meso-macroporous aluminosilicate materials * Zeolites with hierarchically porous structure * Micro-macroporous structured zeolite * Hierarchically porous materials in catalysis * Hierarchically structured porous materials: application to separation sciences * Colloidal photonic crystals: fabrication and applications * Hierarchically structured porous materials for energy conversion and storage * Hierarchically structured porous materials - applications in biochemistry * On the optimal mechanical properties of hierarchical biomaterials * Concluding remarks