Standard: NACE 10A292


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The purpose of this technical committee report is to review data on corrosion and corrosion protection of ductile and gray cast-iron pipe from literature in the U.S. and abroad (gray-iron pressure pipe is no longer produced in North America). Throughout this report, gray cast iron is referred to as "cast iron." The following subjects are covered in this technical committee report:

• Engineering practices with respect to ductile- and cast-iron pipe;

• Reported protective measures and results obtained by their use;

• Influence of the different properties of the two types of iron pipe; and

• Case histories of installations spanning decades in a wide range of soils.

This report provides the user, owner, engineer, contractor, and other interested parties with technical and general information as to the state-of-the-art with regard to understanding techniques and methods used to mitigate corrosion of iron pipe and fittings. It includes discussions of both historical and recent practices in which corrosion is a potential problem. This technical committee report is not a standard, and as such, it does not cover compliance with any particular specifications, although specifications and standards are cited as references.

There are a variety of opinions concerning the benefits of various corrosion control systems for cast- and ductile-iron pipe, which are discussed in pertinent sections of this report. Each method or technique presents the designer and the user with numerous factors that have an impact on installation and operating costs. It is intended that the reader use the report in its entirety and use the information as well as the cited resources when he or she makes decisions about corrosion control for his or her particular situation, and that he or she finds this report a useful source of information and an engineering tool in making decisions associated with corrosion protection.

This report was originally prepared in 1992 by NACE Task Group T-10A-21, a component of Unit Committee T-10A, "Cathodic Protection." It was revised in 2012 by Task Group (TG) 014, "Corrosion Control of Ductile and Cast Iron Pipe." TG 014 is administered by Specific Technology Group (STG) 35, "Pipelines, Tanks, and Well Casings," and is sponsored by STGs 02, "Protective Coatings and Linings—Atmospheric," 03, "Protective Coatings and Linings—Immersion/Buried," 05, "Cathodic/Anodic Protection," and 39, "Process Industry—Materials Applications." This report is published by NACE under the auspices of STG 35.

Organization: NACE International
Document Number: nace 10a292
Publish Date: 2013-01-01
Page Count: 37
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: YES
Status: Active

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